Attention Seeker, I Am Not & Thank You

As many of you know, I went what kids these days call ‘viral.’ It all happened with this post<- Click if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Well last week, I wrote a piece for the Today Show website about the experience and again am receiving quite a bit of attention for it.

Along with it comes the critics. I learned back in May not to read the comments because some people can be VERY cruel. I can’t say that I have done my best from abstaining from the comments, but I don’t let the cruel ones affect me.

I’ve learned that no one but me gets to decide how I feel about myself.

There are a few comments that just bug the heck out of me though. Those comments are the ones stating that I did this for attention or in hopes of getting free plastic surgery.

At first I was getting angry and wanted to respond to every one of those comments, shouting at the screen that they were wrong. I didn’t do this for attention, I did it because I wanted to stand up for something I believed in, that I did it to show what a body after losing a lot of weight can look like, that I did it because it is another part of my story that could potentially help others.

A lot of attention was a result, not my intention.

I took a step back and realized that the people who say those things, they only know that part of my story. They’re taking that little bit of my entire life and judging it all on that.

They don’t know that I’ve shared much of my weight loss journey with the world to be transparent and to help others in their own journeys. They don’t know that I was offered free plastic surgery (twice) and I turned it down because I’m not ready for that part of the journey (and because the one company looked shady). They don’t know how stressful and crazy my life was when everything went viral.

All they see is me in my bikini and assume that I did it for the attention.

I’m grateful for those who have taken the time to read more of my story, those who have contacted me to find out more, and for those who have been here since the beginning.

Honestly, there isn’t a real reason behind this post except to say thank you.

Thank you to you all who have taken the time to know my story and the times you have supported me, cheered me along, and have just been there to listen. It isn’t always easy to put myself out there like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope in some tiny way I have either made you think, helped inspire you to make a change, or made you feel not alone. If I have done that, then my story has done its job.


Changes To My Daily Routine

Here is a day in the life of Brooke….

Wake up (usually around 7:30)
Make coffee (always first)
Make breakfast (oatmeal, eggs, or smoothie)
Go and sit on the couch….

3 hours later….

Workout (PiYo lately!)
Lunch (whatever sounds good at the moment)
Go and sit on the couch…..

1-2 hours later…..

Get ready for work
Come home
Make dinner (if Mr. B hasn’t done so)
Go and sit on the couch….

3 hours later….

Sleep and repeat…

This has been my daily routine for many, many months this year.

It is no longer serving a purpose and involves WAY TOO MUCH sitting and not enough doing.

When I sit on the couch, I tend to either knit or be on my laptop while watching Netflix (American Horror Story is my latest obsession). I rarely get anything accomplished and end the day feeling like a failure because I woke up with ALL THE PLANS.

I continue to do it though because it is what I know. But one important life lesson I’ve learned is “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” And right now doing this daily routine isn’t getting me anything but mindless hours spent on the computer and knitted items. (the latter is a plus!)

Working mostly from home has totally thrown me for a loop and I’ve flitted around with trying to get a routine put into place. I do something for a day or two, then go back to the comfort that is my knitting and Netflix. I give up before I even give it a real chance.

It is more than time for things to change. So, I’ve been thinking of what needs to happen for me to have a productive day/week/month/LIFE.

Having a to-do list is essential in me getting things done. I tend to forget things unless I write them down, which means they either don’t get done or I forget until the very last-minute. Also, there is something so satisfactory about crossing things off of a list.

If I put a time limit to those tasks, then I even have a better chance of getting them done. In the past I used the app 30/30 (free on app store) and loved it. Again, I used it for a bit then stopped for whatever reason. The app works with the Pomodoro Technique , where you do a certain task for so many minutes, then allow yourself a break to do whatever you want.

Making my workouts a priority and getting them done right away. When I worked a full-time day job, I would get up early and get my workout done before stepping out the door. Once I left that job, the early morning workouts left too. Now, I’m getting them done at weird times and sometimes I’m so wrapped up in Netflix, that I just “forget” it. I have no reason not to keep it up now.

Working at my desktop instead of the laptop. I have this AMAZING desk in my craft room where I can spread out and do all the blogging things. But, currently it is a catch-all. Which means work isn’t happening there at all unless I need to print something off. When I sit there I get work done because there isn’t a TV to distract me. Also, working outside of the home really works well too because again, there aren’t a bunch of distractions.

Writing things down and doing some planning works great for my food & exercise. If it works great for that, why wouldn’t it work great for life in general? Much like a to-do list, planning out my week/month really helps me to look at what’s ahead and where I want to fit other things in. I do okay at this, but haven’t found the right tool to keep it up.

Being the paper person I am, I asked over on my Facebook page which paper planner you guys like and you supplied me with all sorts of great ideas! I’ve been continuing to look and I still come back to the Passion Planner. Have you guys seen this?

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about it, except that I can’t snag one until February. You can download a PDF though. So, I think I’ll do that for now and order one if I truly do enjoy using it. I used a Plum Paper one for 2014, but it didn’t have everything I wanted. I need one with the daily breakdown and one where I can reflect on the day/week/month. Passion Planner does that. Have any of you snagged one of these?

Now that I have come up with all the things that will work for a new daily routine, I need to begin implementing them! Of course trying to tackle all the things at once is a great way to set myself up for failure, so I’m going to tackle a few things at once.

First up on the list, cleaning off that desk so I can work! Next, on Sunday I will sit down and plan out the week ahead!

I will reward myself if I do these two tasks! I mentioned above that working outside the home helps me get things done, so I will reward myself with a trip to Starbucks for a few hours of work time and coffee!

I’m ready for this change to my routine! I’m excited to see where how it goes and all the things I will get done! I know it will mean more things for you guys here!

What does your daily routine look like?
Any tips on getting things done?

Thinking Out Loud #6

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know what this is all about! If not, Running with Spoons hosts a fun round-up every Thursday with random thoughts all us bloggers tend to have!


1) We’re back from Jamaica! Oh my gosh you guys, it was SO great down there! I lounged by the pool, the beach, in the tub on our balcony, and in hammocks. I did yoga by the ocean at sunset, went snorkeling, sang some karaoke, and even went kayaking in the ocean! There were MANY fruity beverages consumed and lot of delicious food eaten! We all enjoyed every minute of it and were sad to come back to the cold Midwest!


2) I successfully gained 8 pounds on said vacation! Mr. B gained nothing! (men!) I knew full well that I would and didn’t bother me as I know that once I got home I’d be back on track. As of today I’ve already lost 4 of the 8 I gained.

3) Speaking of getting back on track, I started PiYo on Monday! For those of you who don’t know what it is, the easiest explanation is it is pumped up yoga. You are still doing basic yoga moves, but at a faster speed. I am LOVING it so far! I do plan on giving it a full review once I am done with the 60 day program.


4) I am hating this cold weather already and we’re not even in winter yet! My skin gets SO dry during these months and it is no fun. I’ve been trying different lotions and chapsticks to combat it, but it still is bad. My lips are especially taking a beating! If you have any tips, I’d greatly appreciate it!!

5) My Skinny Snowman Challenge is halfway through its first week! This is the 3rd year of the challenge and I think I love it a bit more each year! I had over 350 people sign up, which is amazing! I love knowing that I’m playing a part in helping those stay healthy through out the holiday season. I’m wondering if I should do more challenges like this throughout the year. What do you think, would you be interested?

6) I knit up Mr. B a hat! I started it on our way to Jamaica and joked that I was probably the only person on the island knitting a winter hat. ;) I finished it on Tuesday and Mr. B was excited to get it on his head that I barely could get the ends woven in! It was a simple hat called Turn A Square Hat, which is exactly what he wanted. It was a quick and easy knit that I will be doing again!


7) I’m excited to get out tree up this weekend! I love this time of year as I get to pull out my massive Rudolph collection! I picked up two new ornaments at Target the other day to add to the collection, much to Mr. B’s dismay. ;) He just doesn’t understand my need for even more ornaments. I’m pretty sure that brings the total over 30. Ya, I’m a bit obsessed.


8) I’ve been thinking a lot about 2015 and what I’d like to happen in the coming year. I love the thought of starting fresh and setting goals to accomplish. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be setting, but I know that 2014 was amazing and 2015 can only be better! :)

I think that’s enough rambling for now!

What’s good in your world?