(DIY) Indoor Herb Garden

Here’s something you may or may not know about me, I LOVE DIY projects. I consider myself a pretty crafty person, with handmade cards being ‘my thing.’ Well, when I decided that I wanted to have herb plants in our kitchen I knew I’d have to do something cute with the pots. And I thought it would be fun to share with you guys to give you some inspiration to do your own! :)

DIY Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet


- Herb plants of your choice (I did chives, cilantro, parsley, & basil)
- Enough terra-cotta pots for your herbs
- 2 bottles of acrylic paint (one for the base color & one for writing)
- Paint sponges (for base color)
- Small paint brush (for writing)
- Herb names printed on a sheet of paper
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Soil for planting


DIY: Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Paint your pots! I did one coat of white just on the bottoms of the pots and left the rims unpainted. You of course can do them any way you want! Maybe you want stripes or two different colors, let you imagination run wild! ;)

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Now for the words on my pots, I opened a Word document, and typed out my herb names. I then found a font and size I liked, then printed it out (step 1). I cut the words out as close as I could (step 2). Lastly, I shaded the back of each word with a pencil to make transferring them to my pots easier (step 3).

You could also free hand your herb names, but I’m not handy with a paint brush, so I opted for this method!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Next place the word you want on the pot and trace with a pencil. It’s important to press down firmly to get the word to transfer to the pot.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

After the words are on the pots, take your other paint color and small paint brush and trace the words with the paint. Then it is time to get to planting!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

After you plant your herbs, give them a good water, and bring them inside to have handy in the kitchen!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

I placed mine on our kitchen island which will make them within reach to add to a meal! Parsley has already been used on some roasted potatoes and I have plans for the cilantro soon! I love having these on hand to use instead of paying for them at the grocery store. The whole project cost me around $20, which was well worth the investment for the tastiness of fresh herbs!

Do you grow your own herbs?

What’s your favorite way to use fresh herbs?

Breaking Up

Dear Cheerios-

When I heard that you were now a Weight Watchers power food, I got excited. I thought, FINALLY a cereal that I can enjoy while following Simply Filling! I was now allowed to eat a bowl of you until satisfaction and not have to track the PointsPlus!


Woohoo! I did a dance to the grocery store and bought you. Brought you into my home and enjoyed a bowl of you that night for dessert.


At first, we were fine meeting up for the occasional bowl for breakfast (topped with a banana) and sometimes late at night when I needed something else after dinner. I loved knowing that I could have you as an option for a quick breakfast on days that I didn’t want to put in the effort for oatmeal or a smoothie.

That was all fine….for awhile.

Then our relationship went to the extreme….


I’d enjoy you for breakfast, sometimes even lunch, and almost always as “dessert.” We were meeting nightly and that wasn’t good. I found myself buying a new box weekly, when before a box could last me a month. Our relationship is taking a toll not only on my wallet, but also my efforts to live my best life.

I thought we could have a healthy relationship, but we can’t. I do not know satisfaction with you, I just can’t get enough. I know that when something like that happens, then it is time to break up.


It is time to say goodbye to you for now. Maybe someday in the future we could meet again under different circumstances. But, it is for the best that we just go our separate ways. And if you see me in the grocery store aisle, just quietly pass, as will I.

It’s not you, it’s me….


Have you ever had to break up with a food?

5 Things Friday (4/11)


This week’s 5 Things Friday is a short one, but all these articles really struck a chord with me and provided lots of thinking!

5 Reads

* Why Keeping Weight Off, Not Losing Is, Is The Real Victory- I cannot even begin to tell you how much this article spoke to me! Maintaining your weight is tough and it is hard to find a balance that works for you. Especially when you’ve lost so much and you’re used to setting weight loss goals to keep you going. This paragraph pretty much nailed it for me:

Beyond the practical steps, much of the shift from losing to maintaining weight is mental. There’s an addictive quality to losing weight, just as there is to gaining weight. Dieters are driven to reach a decisive end point, a goal that’s easily marked in ounces and inches. But to successfully change your life, you can’t just meet your goal. You have to learn how to exist within it

* How to Have a Great Life Without Spending a Lot of Money from Oh Dear Drea- Nothing really new here, but a great reminder of practical ways to just enjoy life!

* Daily Command Center Printable from Back To Her Roots- In a perfect world I am utterly organized, have my days planned out, and accomplish everything on my to-do list. Of course, that rarely happens, but I think this cute printable might get me a bit closer!

* Don’t Compare Yourself To….You from Carla Birnberg- This is a great thought provoking post. I try not to compare myself to others, but do look at past me and compare. Especially when it comes to fitness, I think about where I was last year exercise wise and get bummed that I’m not there now. Time to knock it off and just be the best I can be every day!

* What Love Really Is- Okay, this isn’t a read, it is a video. But, I promise it is worth the watch!

Did you read anything interesting this week? If so, share below!