Scale Woes

It’s no lie that I have gained weight. I’ve been pretty open and honest about it, because well that’s all I know how to be. I can think of a million reasons/excuses why it has happened, but we all know it is due to not enough tracking and too many indulgences. (I’m looking at you, beer!)

The weight crept on slowly at first and I told myself that I would get it off in no time, but that ‘time’ never came and more weight came on. No matter how many times I tried to get my head in the game, it just wasn’t working. Life would happen, dinners would be consumed somewhere beside home, and there was SO MUCH beer.

Excuse after excuse and the mindset of just NOT WANTING TO BE IN WEIGHT LOSS MODE got me a 20 pound gain.

Yep, you read that right…. 20 pounds. That’s 6 pounds more than what I was when I gave myself some tough love.

A lot of those things that I talked about in that post are still applying at the moment (anxiety and no daily structure). I must say though, that I have really been giving it my best these last two weeks. Measuring, tracking, moving daily, and crossing off goals.

I’m doing much better than I have in quite a while. So, when I stepped on the scale last week and didn’t see any change, I was mad. Why hadn’t my hard work paid off?

I was hoping for the miraculous huge loss that you have the first week back on plan. It didn’t happen and I wanted to say “Eff it” and eat all the things. I didn’t though, I vented to some friends and went back to my day being on plan.

Not going to lie, I was still annoyed. Why would I put forth all this effort if I wasn’t going to see results? Then I remembered that I was feeling better physically and mentally. I was feeling great about the choices I was making and knew they would pay off.

Being someone who has been doing this weight loss thing for a while, I know that the scale isn’t the only measurement of success. I actually preach this regularly in my meetings. But not seeing that scale go down is SO FRUSTRATING! Especially when I have to weigh-in for my job and in order to be in good standing with my job, I have to be within my healthy weight range according to the BMI chart. That begins at 164 pounds for me, which I’m currently 10 pounds above.

I won’t get into all the details of Weight Watchers employee weigh-ins, but I will say that it is due time for that scale to go the other direction. No, I won’t be doing anything drastic to make that happen, because I’m not one to give into things like that.

While I know that my ultimate goal is to see the scale go down, I won’t be putting all my focus on that right now. Stressing out about it doesn’t make things easier. I know that I need to focus on all the things I’m doing right in life and continuing to make sure my goal digging is happening.

So, the scale has been banished to the closet and probably won’t be coming out any time soon. The plan is to only weigh in at work. I haven’t decided if it will be a weekly thing or just when my employee weigh in is due.

All I know is I can’t be stepping on that scale daily and feeling discouraged when in all reality, I’m doing the right stuff.

At the end of the day, as always, we are more than that number on the scale.

Checking In!

When I was back in weight loss mode, I used to do weekly weigh-ins. They worked great and helped keep me accountable, so I figured why not bring them back?

I won’t be posting my weight though, because I’m currently trying to stay off the scale. (There’s a whole post coming up about that this week) But, that doesn’t mean I can’t share other amazing things that I did throughout the week!

Last week was pretty on point for the most part. I pulled out my Weight Watchers food scale, which I had never used (I had just a regular one before) and man is it awesome! I love that I can calculate the PointsPlus with the food right on the scale.

Pulling the scale out was pretty eye-opening. Like I said last week, the oatmeal I had been enjoying for breakfast while doing Simply Filling was coming out to 9 PointsPlus without any toppings. I measured everything that I could and realized that a lot of the time I have been eating much larger portions than I need to. I had MAJOR portion distortion.

So as much as I was hating switching to counting PointsPlus again, I’m glad that I’ve switched it up. Another leader and I were chatting that sometimes just switching the approach opens up other options. I do agree with that and I have noticed myself eating different things for meals. I haven’t resorted to a bunch of processed things, which is something I was afraid of. But I’m finding different breakfasts that I’m enjoying and dinner has been more creative as well. (I promise to post a recipe or two this month!)


Snacking has been good too. I found individual packets of pistachios for only 2 PointsPlus! I love pistachios, but having a big bag of them proves to be a problem. It’s so easy to grab a handful or three and not think about it. Having them already portioned out is perfect!

My exercise is improving. I’m tackling my half-marathon training like a champ! My mom and I did our first really long walk yesterday of 5 miles! It was kind of hot out, so it was a little challenging towards the end when the breeze decided to disappear! We did it though and it felt pretty awesome! I am SO PROUD of my mom for doing this with me! Things have been cruddy health wise in her world, but she’s determined!


I also tackled some workout videos as a daily goal. I didn’t do one everyday as I was hoping, but I did more than usual and that is what matters! I danced my heart out to Dance Central 2 on the Kinect one night. Got sweaty with my girl, Jillian and her Killer Buns & Thighs video (amazing workout for those areas!). I also found this awesome and quick arm workout which I am going to incorporate 3-4 times a week from here on out. I’m really missing the arms I had last fall and hoping that doing this will help get them back!

I earned 17 Activity PointsPlus this last week too! I haven’t had a week that good in quite sometime, so I’m pretty stoked about that! I didn’t make it to a WW meeting or get a chance to work outside the home, but that’s due to poor planning on my part. I am going to schedule those things in my calendar to make sure they happen! I did pretty well with not eating past 9pm with only 2 nights where that happened and I was really good about getting my 20 minutes of doing a hobby in. I finished a knitting a dishcloth and read The Fault In Our Stars (which was good, but didn’t live up to the hype for me).

I would say all in all it was a great week! Friday and Saturday were a little rough which I knew would happen. Mr. B was in a wedding, so there was a lot of free wine consumed and not always the best food choices. Didn’t we look fab though? ;)


Today starts a new week though and my food scale is on and my tracker open!


How was your week?
How are you going to make this week awesome?

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September Goal Digging

Where in the world did summer go? I honestly feel like here in the Midwest we never really got to experience summer. I’m a weirdo who loves the heat and actually kind of missed it. I suppose it was Mother Nature’s way of giving us a break after the stupid cold winter we had.

I also feel like summer didn’t exist since my parents didn’t put up their pool this year after they moved. There was no lounging around on a pool floatie. Lame.

As much as I love summer, I love fall even more. It is hands down my favorite season. The beautiful colors on the leaves, the cool weather, the clothes, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!


Did you see the Starbucks already released the PSL? I haven’t had one yet, but am currently trying to find a way to make them at home with actual pumpkin. Also, am I the only one NOT surprised that there isn’t pumpkin in the PSL? I’m betting there isn’t any Oprah in the Oprah Chai either. ;)

Being that it is a new month and I need some motivation around here to get things done, I’m committing to some new Goal Digger goals! I did this back in July, but slacked off a couple of weeks in. Birthday week hit and it all went down the drain.

Here are my goals for the month of September!


- No Snacking After 9pm: Always a downfall of mine!
- Half-Marathon Training: We’re doing awesome with this! Just want to keep it up!
- Do a Hobby For 20mins: Writing/Knitting/Scrapbooking just something creative!
- Workout DVD: Half training is great, but I need to amp it up! I don’t have a specific DVD in mind, just one of them daily from my mass collection or a workout I find on YouTube

- 10+ Mile Bike Ride: Have not been on my bike enough this year
- Attend Zumba: I found a place that does them during the day, so it should be easy to attend!

- Work Outside the Home: So, I can drink some PSLs ;)
- Complete Scrapbook Page: Trying to scrapbook my daily happy photos
- Attend Weight Watchers Meeting: I lead, but rarely attend.
- Earn 15 Activity PointsPlus: Move that body more!

$50 for whatever I want! Cash is always a great incentive!

Along with these goals, I’m also making the switch to counting PointPlus again instead of doing Simply Filling. Not going to lie, I’ve been resisting it. I love my Simply Filling. I love the way I eat on it and the fact that I don’t have to measure my food.

That last part though is what I think has been getting me in trouble. My bowls of oatmeal have gotten bigger, my fruit snackage has grown, and I haven’t turned on my food scale in at least 4 months. I’m having some portion distortion. Haha.

This morning I got out my food scale and measured out what I have been eating for oatmeal. When I calculated the PointsPlus, it turns out I was eating 9 PointsPlus of oatmeal. Eek! That’s without anything mixed in!

So, I measured out the 1/2 cup serving and made Hungry Girl’s growing oatmeal bowl for only 6 PointsPlus. It was filling and I’ll probably keep that on my list of breakfast go-tos.

I’m going to try my best to continue eating the foods I was on Simply Filling, because I tend to lean more towards processed things when counting PointsPlus. Which is another reason I’m resisting it. I know myself and PointsPlus isn’t always the best way for me to go. I’ll be trying to make the right choices though.

That’s all I can do, right? :)

What are you looking to accomplish this month?

Will you be doing your own goal digging? (Get your printable HERE!)

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