Hanging and Hiking with Nautilus!

Last week I was given the awesome opportunity to head out to Vancouver, Washington to hang out with the team at Nautilus for a couple of days. It was such a great time and I learned so much about the company.

Nautilus owns Bowflex, but also does home exercise equipment under their name as well as Schwinn. Long story short, they’re into being healthy and living your best life. I could go into a play by play of the day spent there, but I rather give you the highlights!


The people who work for Nautilus are completely down to Earth and awesome! I was lucky enough to meet everyone from their social media team to the CEO of the company. They were fun, personable, and just great to be around. I was a bit worried that I would feel uncomfortable around professional people, but I wasn’t at all. They were all willing to get to know each of us and made us feel welcome.

Nautilus cares about their employees and customers, a lot. They have a great gym that they encourage their employees and their families to use, they have things like kickball teams and people training for the Tough Mudder. They also have this really awesome incentive for their employees that involves a passport where you can earn stamps for different things you complete. Such as going to a nutrition class and if you earn 8 stamps, then you can potentially get $150 off your healthcare for the year. How great is that?

I want a gym like this at my job!

I want a gym like this at my job!

As for their customers, they offer spectacular customer service. They check in with people after they’ve owned their equipment for a while and love hearing the successes their consumers have. Also, any of the commercials you see feature people who have actually used the equipment, not paid actors. I find that to be pretty amazing since most of the time when you see success stories regarding certain products, you can’t always be sure they actually used that product.

Speaking of the product, I got a chance to check out the Bowflex MAX Trainer and the TreadClimber. I really enjoyed both products! I’ve never been a fan of treadmills, but loved the TreadClimber. It was more exciting than treadmill and I could really feel it working my glutes. The MAX Trainer though was probably my favorite piece of equipment. It looks like an elliptical, but is so much more than that. The idea is you complete a 14 minute workout incorporating a HIIT style workout. I did it for just a few minutes, and WOW! That is something I could do, quick and effective!


Multnomah Falls is absolutely gorgeous! Along with learning about Nautilus, they treated us to a hiking trip to the top of the falls. It was typical rainy Pacific Northwest weather, but the hike and view from the top were completely worth it! We sure don’t have quite those views here in the Midwest!


As with most trips, there was food and beer involved. Out in Portland/Vancouver, there is no shortage of delicious food & beer! There was a delicious chile relleno filled with quinoa and veggies, a pizza topped with mushrooms and goat cheese, and possible the best dessert ever, a s’more served in a cast iron skillet. All beer was great as well!


I had such a great time with the webcast! I probably annoyed you guys with my posting about it, but I wanted you all to get some questions you’ve had answered as well as hear David’s story, along with great advice from Tom Holland. Rob was the moderator and did such a great job with keeping things moving. I would love to do more of these things in the future, maybe I should just vlog more. ;)

Rob, David, Me, & Tom Holland

Rob, David, Me, & Tom Holland

If you missed it, you can watch it below! It is an hour long, but there are so many wonderful tips and stories involved!

I met a lot of great local to Portland/Vancouver bloggers as well! I’ll be honest and say that I only knew of one of them. But, I was happy to learn about the others! A lot of pretty amazing people! Karen from Sub Mommy, Poppy from Facing 40, Carol & Josh from All Mommy Wants, Toku from Mind Fit Move, Melissa from Melissa Kaylene, and of course David from Keep It Up, David were all there for the event. The social media person for Nautilus, Marisa, has her own blog as well called Margaritas in the Rain.


It was such a wonderful time spent with some great people! I absolutely love the area out there and even texted Mr. B telling him to just pack up the car and head on out. Sadly, we have responsibilities, so it isn’t that easy. ;) I look forward to visiting Nautilus and the crew again!

Did you get a chance to watch the webcast? What did you think?

Does your job encourage healthy living? If so, how?

Big Things Before the Big 3-0!

29 years ago, something pretty amazing happened….

2014-07-24 09.36.31

I was born!

It is so hard to believe that I’ve been on this revolving sphere for so long. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my 4th birthday.

2014-07-24 09.38.08

A lot has happened in these 29 years. Things that I didn’t even think would happen. This year has been one of the best, which I seem to say every year, but it’s so true. Life just keeps getting better and better every day. I feel incredibly fortunate for all that life has brought my way.

For the past few years I have put together a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year before my next birthday.

2014-07-24 09.37.40

Those lists have some pretty epic things on them. I start out with DO ALL THE BIRTHDAY LIST THINGS and carry that momentum for about a week.

Then it gets forgotten. I will look at it periodically throughout the year and think “Man, I really need to get working on some of these”

Soon forgotten again.

My 29 before 29 list is not much different.

Some things were crossed off and other things I had all the intentions in the world of getting them crossed off, then nothing happened. 8 out of 29 were taken off the list the past year.

Of course, I want things to be different this year. I mean, next year I turn the big 3-0! *gasp*

I could write out a huge list of things I want to do before July 24, 2015.

2014-07-24 09.39.20

But we all know how that goes.

Then I thought about forgetting it all together. No sense in making a list of things you probably won’t accomplish anyways.

What kind of mentality is that though?

A cruddy one.

I need something though, I love accomplishing big things.

So, that’s what the year before turning 30 is going to be all about.

Big things.

Big goals with small steps.

2014-07-24 09.36.50

What are the big things that I want to happen before I turn 30?

Become a personal trainer and health coach.

This is something I have been talking about a lot lately with friends and family. I keep putting it off because it is a bit expensive. But I know that I can do a lot of great things for myself and others with the certifications. Plan is to find a way to fund it and make it happen!

Write an e-book

I’ve always wanted to offer some sort of product to people that would potentially help them along their journeys to a healthier lifestyle. Not 100% sure what it will entail, but it will be great and helpful!

Move out of the duplex

I love the place we live, it’s roomy and great. There are things I’m missing in a house though, a big yard and more windows.

Take a photo of something that makes me happy everyday.

I love finding things everyday that make me happy. This year I want to document it. My plan is to print the photos off and create a scrapbook with them. I would love to do a monthly post with the pages I make.

Face my fears

Okay, so this one is pretty broad. I want to tackle things that leave me scared. If it gives me that fearful feeling, I want to do it. Skiing, swimming, asking for what I want, etc. Less fear, more life!

So, there’s the big things I want this upcoming year. Nothing that I cannot do! And it’s not an overwhelming list that I don’t think I could accomplish.

Now I’m off to go kayaking with Mr. B before I work tonight!

Feel Good Songs

I love music.

Like a lot.

I was a choir girl in high school.

I’m a lyric lover.

And seriously wake up with a song in my head every morning. (anyone else?)

There’s always a song for whatever situation you’re in, songs for good times, sad times, and times you never want to forget. (I still hear Bon Iver’s “For Emma” and am immediately taken back to mine and Mr. B’s first date)

Music is awesome and here are some songs I am loving lately!

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

Just loving the beat of this song. Mr. B is digging this one as well.

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

How can you not want to get up and dance to this song? I love the lyrics too!

Try by Colbie Caillat

This one has been making the rounds. I LOVE it! I honestly can’t listen without crying. <3

Happy by Pharrell

Okay, this has been around for a bit now. But it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood! Plus it is the song that played right after I met Jillian Michaels! :)

Fancy by Iggy Azalea

I’ve claimed this to be my theme song on more than one occasion lately. ;)

What songs are making you feel good lately?

Also, I’m heading out to Portland/Vancouver today to check out Nautilus and hang out with some other awesome bloggers. David from Keep It Up, David and I are doing a LIVE Q&A tomorrow morning with the Bowflex trainer, Tom Holland. If you sign up and watch, you could win a Tread Climber of your own! Check it out HERE!

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