21 Day Fix Results & Review!

21 Day Fix Results & Review by Brooke: Not On a Diet

My first round of the 21 Day Fixis done! It seems like I was just talking about starting it.

I can honestly say that I really did enjoy this program. I loved the workouts, the eating plan, and the results I got.

Before we get to the results, let’s talk about the program.

In short the 21 Day Fixis a fitness and nutrition plan that you do for 21 days. The workouts are 30 minutes long and the eating plan is portion controlled and easy to follow. Really I feel like this program takes a lot of the guesswork out of eating healthy and exercising.

Let’s break it down….

The workouts:

There are seven 30 minute workouts with the 21 Day Fix. They are as follows….

Total Body Cardio Fix:
A complete body workout that uses weights and combo moves. One of my favorites!

Upper Fix:
Focuses on your shoulders, chest, back, & arms. Arms were Jello after this one! Such a great arm workout!

Lower Fix:
All things lower body were worked in this workout. Walking and sitting were both difficult after this video.

Pilates Fix:
Lots of core work, but also worked on the glutes. There’s a section of the video where you lie on your side to work your glutes and boy does it hurt so good. Major booty work.

Cardio Fix:
30 minutes of straight cardio. This was my least favorite video and I only did it one week and subbed other cardio the other two.

Dirty 30:
Very similar to Total Body Cardio Fix. This was actually my favorite video of them all.

Yoga Fix:
Just your basic yoga. Great way to stretch out after the previous 6 videos.

10-Minute Fix For Abs:
A quick 10 minute workout for the core. All floor moves and is non-stop for the 10 minutes. I made it 5 minutes….once. Lol. I despise core work on all levels. So, I avoided doing this.

The workout require minimal equipment. You need 2 sets of dumbbells (1 heavy pair & 1 lighter pair) or resistance bands and a yoga mat. Autumn does a great job of explaining the moves which I really liked and would give little reminders to pull in your abs, relax your shoulders, etc. It kept me focused on doing the moves correctly. There are also modifications for all the moves as well, which I did use from time to time.

Along with the workouts, there is an eating plan.

The program comes with tupperware type containers for your food. Based on your weight and other calculations, you are given the amount of each container you are to eat each day.

The containers are as follows…

Green- Vegetables
Purple- Fruit
Red- Protein
Yellow- Startch/Carbs
Blue- Cheese/Nuts
Orange- Dressing/Seeds

There’s a list of approved foods for each of the containers. They’re all whole foods and nothing super processed. It reminded me a lot of Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan, just with portion control.

I found myself really satisfied with everything I was eating and never felt deprived. I also found myself paying more attention to my hunger cues which was great. I felt in control when I really followed the eating plan and while I thought I would hate so much structure, I actually did enjoy it.

At times it was like a game to me to see where all my containers would fit into my day. It also helped keep my carbs in check, I feel like there have been days previously where I was eating way more carbs than I really needed to (I don’t really need bread with all the meals). The program also helped me be aware of how much protein I was eating. While at first I felt that to be very difficult, until I found this list of foods for vegan/vegetarian people doing the 21 Day Fix. Once I used that food list, it became much more easy. Fruits and veggies have never been much of an issue for me, so I was great about getting those is.

Here are my results from the program!


Weight: 175.2


Weight: 170.8

I ended up losing 4.4 pounds and about 5 inches! I’m SUPER excited about that! I haven’t had consistent losses like that in AGES! I didn’t hit my goal of being under 170, but I’m really proud of the things I accomplished.

The first week was my best week, I followed the portions and eating plan pretty consistently. The only time I faltered was when I was in Chicago. I still did better than I normally do when out of town.

The second week I followed the workouts and followed the eating plan a majority of the time. I could have done better, but was STILL doing better than I had in the past.

The last week, I followed the workouts for the most part and the eating plan was still on my mind, but not something I religiously followed. I also ate out on Friday & Saturday, which I feel is always a challenge. Although, I did make some pretty great choices on my part.

All in all I’m pleased with my progress and the effort I gave. It felt good to be in a steady workout routine instead of waking up and thinking “Hmmm…what will I do for exercise today?” and then doing nothing. The workouts helped my to feel stronger and build muscle back up.

I also feel like my eating was on point which helped me to feel better. I thought I’d miss a lot of my processed “treats” but, I didn’t. I found myself snacking on fruit instead, which was sweet, filling, and tasty. Before I would find myself going to the 2 PointsPlus bars from Weight Watchers or other things like that. I actually had a the new WW coffee cake bar on Monday to give it a try and it was good, but I found it to be too sweet for me and not something I will probably have again.

I still had the occasional beer when it was worth it to me and enjoyed eating out with family a few times as well. I kept the saying “Don’t give up what you want the most for what you want in the moment” on my mind when making dining out choices and am SUPER SUPER proud of myself for doing that.

I feel like this is a great plan for anyone looking to lose weight and establish a workout routine. The workouts weren’t super high impact which I liked and the modifiers where great. Autumn was encouraging and always had a piece of advice at the beginning of each workout. The eating plan was easy to follow and was filled with good for you foods.

I would give this program a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The 1/2 star deduction for the ‘quick-fix’ feel of the program. I don’t think you can just do this for 21 days and then just go back to how you were eating before. Much like the whole diet mindset, doing it as a quick-fix won’t get you to long-term healthy changes. I think though it is a great way to start on that path of making a healthy lifestyle change though.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the results I had for the effort I gave the program. It helped me discover a few things about myself, made me feel stronger, and I am super proud of myself for giving it a go! I plan on doing it again in full force starting on Sunday (March 29th), so if you have the program and want to do it together, join me! We can support each other via Instagram or email! Let me know! (I’m not a BB coach, just someone who likes to do things with others!) :)

Have you given this program a go?
Did this review help you make a choice about doing it or not?

I bought the 21 Day Fix on my own and wasn’t compensated at all for my review. I just love sharing my thoughts on different programs to help you guys! Also, I’m not a doctor, personal trainer, or the like. Just a woman living her life the best she can. As always, consult a professional before starting any exercise or nutrition plan.

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Small Choices & #WYCWYC

I’ve been thinking of choices I make lately and how they affect my goals. This is something that I used to do quite often in the major losing part of my journey, but as you know I really let some things slip to the wayside and forgot to do those things that got me to my goal weight. Luckily, I have picked myself back up and have gotten back into some of those healthy habits.

This quote has really been something I’ve been keeping on my mind as of late….

Don't give up what you want most for what you want in the moment. //Brooke: Not On a Diet

This quote has really helped me make some choices that I am proud of.

Last Thursday, I went for a 4 mile walk in between meetings instead of sitting at Starbucks for a couple of hours.

When I did go to Starbucks, I ordered an iced tea instead of a chai latte.

I drank one beer on Saturday and didn’t indulge in the alcohol ridden fish bowls at the St. Patrick’s Parade.


Instead of skipping my workout on Sunday, I got my sweat on.


Mr. B & I went for a walk after dinner on Monday night instead of sitting on the couch and vegging out.

I used lettuce leaves for my egg salad instead of bread yesterday.


These all seem like super small choices, but in the grand scheme of things, these thing really do add up to big results. When I weighed myself on Monday, I was down another 1.4 pounds. I have a little goal of being under 170 and then the ultimate goal of being back to my goal weight of 155 pounds. Wanting these goals helps me make those small choices.

This concept is a lot like what Roni and Carla have going on with #WYCWYC (What You Can, When You Can). I have been listening to their podcast lately (can’t wait for the book!) and it has really been making me think. If I can just continue to keep #WYCWYC and the above quote in my mind when making choices regarding my eating and exercise habits, I will be reaching my big goals in no time.

What small choices have you been making?

Are you a #WYCWYC-er?

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Less Talk, More Action #4

I’m a couple of days late in my weekly check-in, but better late than never! :)

How was your week? Mine has been good! I started the 21 Day Fix and I must say, I am really enjoying it! I wasn’t sure at first when I had to sit and plan out ALL my meals on Sunday, but once I got the hang of the eating plan that comes with the 21 Day Fix, it really wasn’t too bad.

Before I would just plan out dinners and just fill in my favorite breakfasts and lunches. With the 21 Day Fix though, you really need to make sure that you are fitting in your containers throughout the day and getting enough to eat. More planning and structure than I’m used to do in and while I usually buck at this sort of thing, I’m learning that structure is something that is really good for me. I’m really trying to apply this to more areas of my life as well. (always a work in progress)

The biggest issue I am having with the 21 Day Fix though is the protein. In my calorie range I am supposed to be eating 4 proteins a day. Now this wouldn’t be an issue, but in the 21 Day Fix things like beans are considered a starch. And being someone who doesn’t eat beef or poultry and tries to not eat so many soy based products, getting in the protein has been tough. Honestly I’ve modified it to make beans a protein, because I can only eat so many hard-boiled eggs. It is working for me and in the end, that is what’s the most important.

It is crazy to not eat a lot of processed things though. I am an avid Weight Watchers mini-bar lover and I haven’t had one since starting. Do I miss them? Somedays. There are days I don’t even think about them and the days I do I grab some fruit or veggies instead. The craving always passes and I know that if I really wanted to, I could have it. There’s nothing stopping me. It just isn’t worth it to me!

Some of the things I have been enjoying:


– Oatmeal w/ sautéed apples (coconut oil & cinnamon)
– Hard boiled eggs, veggies, & hummus
– Veggie omelet w/ toasted sandwich thin
– Bowls of berries
– Cuties
– Banana w/ peanut butter
– Salmon w/ baked potato, & veggies
– Tuna wraps (whole wheat tortilla)
– Salads
– Sandwich thin w/ peanut butter
– Weight Watchers smoothie mixes

I’m finding that I’m paying more attention to my hunger cues which is good. I feel like I haven’t done that very well the last couple of months. I haven’t been tracking anything I’ve been eating, which is weird, but at the same time I’ve been following my menu plan I made out on Sunday, so I guess in a way I am tracking.

The workouts are great with the 21 Day Fix! They’re tough, but can be modified. I really like that they are only 30 minutes and each day is something different. I don’t get bored like I tend to get when doing something like Ripped in 30. I will go into more detail about these when I do an official review of the program, but so far, so good!

Things were pretty on point until Saturday, then I went out of town to be there for my cousin who went wedding dress shopping this weekend. I didn’t get my workouts in on Saturday or Sunday and my eating wasn’t exactly 21 Day Fix friendly. But, when you’re taken to an authentic Italian restaurant, you enjoy the pasta. ;) I was right back on track with a menu plan and my workout yesterday, which is pretty good for me. I’m notorious for letting a weekend like that completely throw me off track.

I’m really feeling good though and when I stepped on the scale and saw that I was down 3 pounds, it was enough motivation to get back at it!

All in all it was a great week and I’m ready to tackle another!

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How was your week?
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