Facing Fears: Yoga Class

Fear and yoga, not two words that seem like they belong in the same sentence. Yoga is known to be relaxing and good for your body, mind and soul.

Which it is, I’ve done yoga plenty of times at home since I started my journey to lose weight. I started out with Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga in my bedroom behind a closed door so no one could see me doing it and worked my way up to doing PiYo in my living room trying to talk Mr. B into joining me.

All of this was done a home though, not in a studio. The thought of a studio intimidated me as I didn’t want to look stupid because my sun salutations weren’t perfect.

(Image Source: Buzzfeed)

(Image Source: Buzzfeed)

Silly, I know. My mind plays evil games when it comes to trying new things. I’ve been saying I was going to do yoga in a studio for years now. Mr. B even promised to pay for passes and gear for my birthday a couple of years ago. I never did it though.

Then back in July of this year, one of my Weight Watchers members informed me that there was a great groupon going on for a local yoga studio. I went home that night and bought 10 punches for Indigo Wellness.

Now I had to do it because I didn’t want to throw the $50 down the drain.

For months I made excuses as to why I couldn’t attend and kept putting it off. Last week I put it out there to you guys, that I would attend a class. After I hit “publish” on that post, I got more anxious about going. I even thought I would just not go and never mention it to you all again, but I had a few people comment saying they wanted to hear how it went. (Darn, people actually read! 😉 )

On Saturday night I got into a great conversation with a couple of gals about yoga and they told me how great Indigo was and how I just needed to get to a class. So, I made the promise to them as well that I would go.

When I went to the Indigo Wellness website, I looked at all the classes and had no idea which one to choose. Working with my work schedule was a bit of an issue too, but it worked in my favor as I didn’t have my regular meeting on Tuesday evening due to Yom Kippur (my meeting is held at a Jewish center).

I settled on a Gentle Hatha Yoga class. I figured that would be a good way to ease me into an actual yoga class.

I also took to my Facebook page and Instagram asking you guys for tips on my first yoga class. You guys offered some great things! The few that really stuck with me were:

Remember to breathe!
Don’t compare yourself to others!
Remember, everyone was a beginner once!

Tuesday came and I made my way to the studio. I arrived early enough to go for a 20 minute walk before the class. I knew that would be a good way to calm my nerves. I got to Indigo and filled out the necessary paperwork. Angela was the instructor and was super helpful. She showed me around and made sure I knew how things worked there.

I made my way into the room and tried to not be too loud as there were some people in there already doing some yoga. I felt like I was being SO LOUD. Lol. I got my spot and finally felt calm.

I made it in the door and really the hardest part was over! Class started and I was surprised at how much I did know in the way of moves. It was really nice though to have an instructor there to fix the little things (chin up, shoulders down, wider stance) that you don’t know you are doing when practicing on your own. I also did some poses that I don’t normally do in my practice at home, so it was great to push myself a bit.

The hour went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to roll up my mat and head home!

Post #yoga glow! Thank Angela at @indigowellness_studios for a great class! And thank you to all who shared your tips! xo

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Like any other time I face a fear, it turns out great. Again, I MUST try my best to remember this when I’m getting so anxious over doing new things!

I’m more than ready to tackle my next class and maybe even hot yoga!

Are you a yogi?
Faced any fears lately?

Weighing In On a Wednesday #7

Hey hey, its Wednesday! Time to weigh in on my week!

Last week I talked about switching my start days from Mondays to Thursdays as a way to keep myself from going too crazy on the weekends and having enough PointsPlus to last me throughout the week. I think it worked fairly well this week when it came to my food choices over the weekend. My drink choices….well that’s a different story. 😉

My week started off with rearranging the furniture in our living room. This is something I have been doing since I was a kid. I get bored with how things look easily and often rearrange things. Poor Mr. B never knows what he may come home to. Haha. Doing so made me also think how much I dislike all of our furnishings and just want to redo all the things. Sadly, we don’t have the budget to do so.

Since I couldn’t repaint and refurnish our house, I decided to redo my hair color. I started dying my hair back when I was 14 and used to do some pretty crazy things with it.

Brooke: Not On a Diet

I haven’t done any hair color in over 2 years and I’ve been noticing quite a bit of gray lately. (Thank you bright bathroom lights in our Airbnb last weekend!) I’m also in a wedding next weekend, so I decided to spruce my hair color up a bit!

The color I used is Garnier Nutrisse Raspberry Truffle. I love how it turned out with the dark brown and a hint of red with it. Plus, it cost less than $10 to do it! I know that going to a professional is sometimes the best, but I hate shelling out so much money for something I can do at home.

Friday night we went to a college hockey game, which was fun. I really do enjoy watching the sport, plus watching Mr. B get into and “coaching” the players is fun. I keep telling him he needs to become a coach for little ones. I think he’d really enjoy it.

Saturday started out with watching Mr. B play too much NHL ’16 and me getting antsy to get out of the house. We headed out and grabbed lunch at one of our favorite spots, Front Street Brewery. I set out the day with a mission not to drink any beer as I had a couple on Friday. I held strong at lunch and we continued on our adventures!

Love a good weekend with this guy! #lifeisgrandwithyoubymyside

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We headed to Crafted Quad Cities, which is a store that has all sorts of great items from regional artists. If you’re local and haven’t checked it out yet, do so! I didn’t end up with anything, but will be back to make some purchases for myself and Christmas gifts. Just down the street from there is another local brewery, Great River where they were having their Oktoberfest. We had no clue it was going on and was a pleasant surprise. We listened to a band, The Dawn play a few songs and Mr. B had a beer (I did not).

After that we did some shopping and had some time to kill before the evening event of possibly going to another hockey game. We decided to kill it at Brew In the Village. This is where things started to get off track. They had a pumpkin stout that I hadn’t had before and I got it.

#beer + #knitting = good times. #knittinginpublic #quadcities

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While there we got a text saying asking if we wanted to meet some friends at Green Tree Brewery in LeClarie. Now, the friends are people I hadn’t met before and Mr. B was dying for me to meet. (They were beginning to wonder if I existed and I was wondering if they did. haha) So, we said yes and headed there. Needless to say there were a couple of more beers, dinner out, a few more beers, and a plan of not drinking any beer went out the window.

I woke up on Sunday more than ready to tackle the day and get back on track.

Mr. B and I went for a walk on Sunday which was good to get some movement in. We also got a couple of more fish for our fish tank. Sunday night was dinner at home, which was delicious! Mr. B grilled some shrimp and asparagus with a caesar salad on the side. So good!

Monday was another on track day and I bought myself a Fitbit Charge HR. I have had the Flex for almost a year and loved it. I just wanted something a little more advanced with a heart rate feature. I have a Polar FT60, but hardly ever use it because it’s just another piece of equipment that I have to put on. The fact that I don’t have to do that with my Charge HR is really nice. Plus the fact that it syncs with my Weight Watchers account just make life more easy. :)

Got a new @fitbit today! Excited to have one that does a bit more than the Flex!

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For the two days I’ve had it, I’m pretty pleased with it! If you’d like a more formal review, I could do one. Let me know!

Yesterday I tackled a fear and went to my first yoga class in an actual studio! I bought a deal for classes at Indigo back in July, but kept putting it off. I put it out there last week that I would go and stuck with my promise. I plan on doing a longer post about it, but I really did enjoy it! Silly me for putting it off for so long!

I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 3.6 pounds! So, things are working currently. Just going to keep doing what I’m doing not because it’s making the scale move, but because I’m enjoying it! :)

My goals for this week:

– Attend another yoga class
– Enjoy 3 drinks over the weekend
– Watch the video for my Exercise Science portion of CPT training
– Incorporate UpperFix and Dirty 30 (from 21 Day Fix) into my workouts this week
– Finish knitting my sister’s hat!

How was your week?
What are your goals?

Weighing In On a Wednesday #6

After the frustrating weigh-in last Wednesday, I put the scale into time out and then sort of went off the deep end. It is so hard not to let that scale mess with your head! My step goal didn’t happen on Wednesday or Thursday, nor did my 21 Day Fix workouts. My food choices weren’t the best either, but I still tracked them. So there’s a positive!

On Friday my sister and I headed to Chicago for Riot Fest! We arrived to the area our Airbnb place was in and then went to grab some lunch before we could check-in to our apartment. We ended up at Roots Pizza which is apparently famous for their Quad Cities style pizza. Got a good laugh out of that as we are from the Quad Cities and had no idea it was a thing.

Believe it or not, one of us ordered pizza. I actually ended up with a super delicious salad with a goat cheese vinaigrette what was to die for!


We then headed to our Airbnb apartment to drop off our stuff before heading to Riot Fest. This was my first Airbnb, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Ummm…it was great! The space we had was in the perfect location and had awesome decor. My sister and I left wanting to head to Ikea to redecorate our own places.

Getting an apartment for the weekend was such a great decision on our part, as we had a lot of down time during the day and could just relax. It was also nice to have access to a full kitchen to save on eating out every single meal. If you want to check out the place we stayed, here it is:

Entire Private 2 Bedroom Apartment in Chicago

Apartment in Chicago, United States. This listing is for the entire second floor apartment located in the East Ukraine Village neighborhood. The location is close to public transport and there is ample free street parking. Please read the house rules prior to booking. We are loc… View all listings in Chicago

I will definitely be using Airbnb again!

#riotfest day 2 with @traceylinn31!

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Riot Fest was a blast and tiring. I think over the 3 days we saw over 20 bands, including No Doubt, Snoop Dogg, Tenacious D, and Modest Mouse. We people watched, danced, got muddy, and left wondering how we survived the weekend.


Over the course of the 3 days we walked over 20 miles, which I’m sure helped counteract the food and beer we drank. 😉


#latergram Double fisting beverages so we didn't have to wait in line again. #riotfest

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I got home on Monday and promptly made my way to the grocery store where I stocked up on all the food! We were pretty barren here in the Not On a Diet household! Yesterday it was back to regularly scheduled workouts as well. As much as I love getting away, routine is great too!

As I was writing this post today, I started to think about how my weeks have been playing out. Usually I start my week on Monday with my tracking. I did that as a way to help me stay more on track over the weekends, but I don’t think it is actually doing that. I tend to have a free for all (while staying within my PointsPlus) over the weekends because I know that I’ll just get a fresh set on Monday. Which in my years of doing Weight Watchers, I haven’t always been able to eat all of the PointsPlus given to me (Daily, Weekly, & Activity) and successfully lose weight.

A-ha moment!

Lately I’ve been eating up all the PointsPlus given to me and not losing weight. So, I’ve decided to start my week on Thursdays, which I used to do when I was regularly attending meetings. That should help me not go too crazy on the weekends as I will potentially want to save some of my Weekly & Activity PointsPlus for the rest of the week.

At the moment it is making sense in my head, we’ll see how it plays out!

Here’s to a great week on plan and me surviving my first yoga class! Eeek!

How was your week?