First Trimester Must Haves!

First Trimester Must Haves by Brooke: Not on a Diet

I have to say that really, I was pretty lucky my first trimester of pregnancy! I didn’t experience too much in the form of morning sickness, really only ever felt nauseous if I didn’t eat every 3-4 hours. I never puked, which was great because I’m not a fan (but really, who is?) at all. The first trimester for me pretty much meant a lot of sleep! I don’t think I was awake for more that 4-5 hours at time. Can’t say I miss that too much!

Today I thought I would share some of my personal first trimester must haves!

Trop 50 Orange Juice

I had to have a huge glass of this first thing in the morning before I could even think about food. I would get sick to my stomach if I tried to do anything else. Trop 50 No Pulp was the one I chose because I liked the fact that it had less sugar and still tasted good!

Snoogle Pillow

I think this pillow is the bee’s knees! I bought it so early on to help train me to sleep on my side since I am a stomach sleeper. It did help with just that and now that I’m in the 2nd trimester, it is proving to be an even bigger help when sleeping! I tease Mr. B that he’s no longer needed since I have this pillow to cuddle with. 😉

Burt’s Bees Belly Butter

My sister (who is also expecting) brought my attention to this and I’m glad she did! It is great for not only helping with my growing self, but also for my horrible dry skin. It is something I will be using even after I give birth!

Saltine Crackers

These were what I kept on hand in my purse, my car, and my work bag when I was needing to eat something every 3-4 hours to stave off nausea. They worked perfectly!

Ovia Pregnancy App

I cannot sing enough praise for the Ovia apps! The fertility one is the one I used to keep track of my cycle to aid in getting pregnant. And as soon as I confirmed that I was, I downloaded their pregnancy one. This is my go-to for not only keeping me up to date on what’s happening with Baby B (including what fruit/vegetable they’re the size of), but also for weird symptoms and food I should avoid. There is a lot of great information on the app!

Preggie Drops

I discovered this far too late into my first trimester! These soon replaced my saltine crackers to help with the nausea. They’re just a little bit sour and are pretty tasty. They also really do the trick!

Other things that helped were Netflix and my Kindle! With all the resting I was doing, there was a lot of reading and watching TV! Which, let’s be honest that’s still going on. 😉

For my readers who have been pregnant, what were some of your must haves for the first trimester?

Any must haves for my second?

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February Goal Diggin’

Hello February!

I was thinking the other day that I never took the time to talk about things I wanted to accomplish in 2016. To be honest, I really didn’t give it much thought. I did share the following photo on my Instagram and really feel this is what my 2016 is going to be all about.


I’ve really been trying to focus on this lately. The first month of the year, I got back into a weekly yoga class, have read books that feed my soul, and have just been gentle with myself and my changing body.

Being pregnant has really helped me to take a step back and reanalyze some things. I’m still working on it and this month’s goals are going to help me continue to do that.

February 2016 Goals by Brooke: Not On a Diet

1) Attend at least 1 yoga class a week

As I mentioned above I have gotten into a weekly yoga class at Indigo in Moline. I attend a pretty gentle class called Yoga for Stress Management on Tuesday mornings. The instructor is great about helping me modify the poses as needed for my growing belly. I’m hoping to start attending the same class on Saturday morning as well to get in even more great yoga.

2) Meditate for 10 minutes daily

I’ve never been really good about keeping up with a meditation practice, but when I do make the time for it, I notice that when I do though, my day starts off better and I seem to be more productive. I downloaded the app Headspace which has a daily 10 minute practice to help make meditation a habit. I used it a couple of days last week and liked it, now just to keep up with it!

3) Learn more about essential oils

I’m currently reading the book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon where she talks about the benefits of essential oils. I’ve also been hearing more about them from friends on social media as well. So, I’d like to learn some more about them and possibly begin using them myself. Especially to help with the sinus stuff I have going on currently with the pregnancy.

4) Knit a pair of socks and cast-on a sweater

I have a pair of socks on the needles that are just dying to be finished. I also have never knit a sweater before, but was gifted some gorgeous yarn over Christmas to knit up the Mama Vertebrae cardigan.

5) Say “Yes” more often

I just finished reading The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and loved it! Say yes to things Mr. B wants to do, things that I really want to do (but may be afraid to do), and anything that’s going to be good for my soul. :)

6) Get ice cream of Little Man in Denver

Mr. B and I are headed out to Colorado on Friday for a week’s vacation. When we were there last summer, we didn’t get any Little Man because the line was ridiculous. This time around, I’m making it happen! End. Of. Story.

There are my goals for the month!

What are you wanting to accomplish in February?

10 Non-Meat Sources of Protein

This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As always, opinions are my own.

One thing that I have been focusing on the past 3 months of my pregnancy is how much protein I am getting. I figured I was getting enough, but I wanted a solid number. I asked my doctor what I should be aiming for daily and she came back with the equation that for every kilogram I weigh, I should have a 1.1 grams of protein. (I’m not sure where she got this calculation, but I trust her advice. Also, if you want your most accurate number to reach, talk to your doc!) This means for me, I should be getting roughly 80 grams of protein a day.

Now, that seems like a lot. But when I started keeping track of it, I realized that I was hitting it much more easily than I thought. I do get some seafood, so I know I get my protein there, but I don’t eat it ALL the time. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite sources for protein that have nothing to do with meat!


1. Egg (6g per egg)

I love having hard-boiled eggs on hand for quick grab-n-go snacks or to top on a salad! If you haven’t discovered that you can do these in the oven, YOU MUST! I follow these simple instructions from A Beautiful Mess!

2. Peanut Butter (7g per 2 Tablespoons)

Who doesn’t love some peanut butter? (Well besides if you’re allergic!) On a spoon out of the jar, melted over a banana, mixed in oatmeal, on a pb & j….really is there a BAD way to enjoy peanut butter?


3. Broccoli (6g per cup)

Not the most obvious food I think you would find protein in, but some plants do have it! I eat this raw dipped in hummus with my lunch.

4. Quinoa (8g per cup)

This is one of those foods I tend to forget about usually. The thing is I love the stuff! I use it in place of rice, but one of my favorite recipes using quinoa are these stuffed peppers from the Skinnytaste cookbook!


5. Almonds (6g per ounce)

These are the perfect snack to have on hand! I keep many of the Blue Diamond flavors on hand and will throw a baggie full into my purse when out and about. Currently I cannot get enough of the lightly salted mixed with mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries. Ooooo….maybe I’ll have a whip up a batch of these granola bars again!

6. Egg Whites (26g per cup)

I eat a cup of egg whites almost every morning for breakfast. A little salt, pepper, & cheese are all I need to get in almost 1/2 of my daily protein requirement. I just buy them in the carton so I’m not wasting any yolks! Easy and tasty!


7. Whole Wheat Spaghetti (7g per cooked cup)

Mmmmm….pasta! Baby B love spicy things and carbs. I use spaghetti mostly in the traditional sense, as it is easy to whip together a batch of spaghetti!

8. Tofu (20g per cup)

I have yet to master the art of tofu in my own home. I’ve tried with some luck, but usually leave it to the pros at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. I do not know their secrets of how to get it SO crispy! If there’s tofu on the menu, I guarantee you I’m going to order it.


9. Black Beans (21g per 1/2 cup)

Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the closer you get to amping up your protein! 😉 I can eat these plain on a salad or mixed with some peppers & onions to make a quick taco mix.

10. Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (25g per cup)

I’m sloooooooowly hopping on the greek yogurt train. I’m not the hugest fan, but you can’t deny those protein benefits! Right now I’m enjoying a whipped flavored version of greek yogurt that has about 1/2 the protein. It works though!

What are some of your favorite non-meat sources of protein?

Source used to find protein totals was the USDA website

10 Non-Meat Sources of Protein by Brooke: Not on a Diet