[Blog Takeover] 4 Things to Add to Your Everyday!

We have another blog takeover today! Markita and I met at Fitbloggin’ this past summer and this girl is pretty awesome! I love what she has to say below and plan on getting in some quick fitness in my life! Enjoy!


Hello! I’m Markita from SweshFit. “Swesh” is my made-up word that that combines sweat and fresh and my site focuses on fitness people that want to be quick about health and fitness. A couple of things I feature are a 15 minute calendar of workouts and an assessment that gives you personalized quick, fitness changes you can make in your life. I created the site because I’m constantly working to balance everything I have going on in life and I’m always looking for the best way to be efficient. Quick workouts and quick fitness solutions are the answer. I’m also an NASM-certified personal trainer with certificates in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

So enough about me, let’s talk about how you can get some quick fitness into your own life – because who doesn’t want that right?!

So, there’s active, direct fitness like going to the gym or running a 5k. Then, there’s fitness that just happens because you exist. I want to focus on the latter for this post and talk about 4 things that you can easily add to your everyday life that will help you burn major calories without taking up a lot of your time.

1. Hydrate – constantly!

It’s so easy and beneficial to drink water that it’s crazy that a lot of us don’t do it enough. More than a third of us regularly mistake hunger and dehydration, so it can easily lead to a lot of unnecessary calories. How easy is it to lose weight simply by drinking water and being less hungry? Water also helps with a million things in our bodies including digestion, circulation, and body temperature control. If we’re thirsty and things aren’t working properly in our bodies that’s only bound to make us cranky, sleepy, sick…all bad stuff. Plus, water gives you something to do! Sometimes you just need something to do with your hands – reach for a glass!


2. Don’t be that person on the elevator


We all want to kill the person that takes the elevator one floor, right? Yet, it happens all the time. I created a little rule for myself: no elevator for anything less than three floors. If you’re finding yourself taking the elevator without thinking twice about it, make a conscious effort to put an end to it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself doing it forever. I work in Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower and arguably the tallest building in the U.S.) and I have a group of coworkers that climb 10 flights of stairs twice a day. Super motivating. It makes the little 1-2 flights on the elevator seem completely ridiculous.


3. Pretend that shortcuts don’t exist

The bathroom at my building is either 90 steps or 170 steps away depending on whether I take the long route or short route. Assuming that I go 6 times, that’s almost 500 steps and 600 extra calories in a month! I’m geeking out with the math a little, but you get the point. I totally earn a cheat meal with that. Think of all the extra steps you get by parking your car farther away, or walking to the neighborhood bar instead of driving. Of course, we’re busy and we tend to be in a rush, so by all means, rush when you have to. But take advantage of the long road to your destination and do some much-needed thinking, daydreaming, or even social-media monitoring on your phone.


4. Engage in some random stretching

A lot of what I’ve discussed has focused on balancing out the fact that most of us sit around a lot during the day. We spend anywhere from 7-15 hours a day on our butts (and nope – that doesn’t count sleeping). Well, if we’re going to sit, we may as well add some movement at the same time. You can go more hardcore and get a treadmill desk or hold a squat, but in case that’s too much, throw in a stretch. Any kind of intermittent movement is better than no movement at all and it’s easy to throw in a stretch while you’re waiting in line, sitting at your desk, or waiting at the bar for a drink. Also, since most of us tend to neglect stretching during our workouts (yep, guilty), it’s a great way to add more of it to your life. Here’s a nice little video to give you some ideas.

As you do virtually anything during your day, you will have an opportunity to step up your activity and health. Find something you can do that won’t kill you or take up a lot of your time, and you’ll feel awesome about your choices and the results.

Be sure to check out Markita over on the following sites as well!

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5 Year Blogging Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday,Brooke_ Not On a

Yesterday marked 5 years since I claimed my little piece of the blogosphere.

My first entry:

Hi there!

So this is my first entry. Just testing this thing out on my blackberry. Hope it works!
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from U.S. Cellular

My how far I’ve come in the my blogging! Haha. Those first days (years) were all about random rambling, covering the Weight Watchers topic of the week, and complaining about my boobs shrinking. There’s still a lot of random rambling going on, but it usually has a bit of focus.

When I first decided to keep a weight loss blog, I never thought in a million years it would become what it has. I didn’t think that I would end up on the cover of a magazine (and soon to be in another), on TV, or meet Jillian Michaels.

Way more important than any that though, is the amount of people I have reached with it. That is the BIGGEST reward of it all. I have a way to reach out to people seeking advice, those who need an ear, or just a source for those who may be afraid to walk into their first Weight Watchers meeting.

None of that would have happened if I didn’t have this bit of space on the internet.

I want to thank you all for supporting me through the years. Thank you for leaving comments, retweeting, sharing on Facebook, or anyway else you have spread the word. Thank you to those who silently read as well. Which ever way you’ve shown your love these last 5 years, thank you. Without you guys I would just be talking to myself and well, that would be a bit weird. ;)

I think year 5 was one of the best thus far in Not On a Diet land, so year 6 can only be better, right?

I have quite a bit planned to bring to the table, so stay tuned to see where it all goes!

Skinny Snowman-2

What to Pack: Tropical Vacation

Currently snow if falling outside and it is below 20 degrees outside here in the Midwest. So to blog about a tropical vacation seems a little crazy. But, we make our way to Montego Bay, Jamaica in 8 days! I cannot wait!

I’ve been busy making my packing list and trying to not take ALL THE THINGS with me! I thought I would share with you some of the things that are making it into my bag incase you are getting ready to leave on your own tropical vacation or you just want to dream of one! :)

What to Pack: Tropical Vacation by Brooke: Not On a Diet

click on items to be taken to look at them

When you think of a tropical vacation, you think of a beach! Which in turn means a lot of lounging around in the sun and time spent in the ocean as well. You of course will need a swimsuit to enjoy those activities as well as a coverup to protect a bit from the sun if you so choose!

I love a polka-dotted bikini, of course! The one I own will actually be enjoyed IN water finally! Mostly it has been use for the ice bucket challenge and a photo shoot. The one pictured above isn’t the exact one I own, but it is pretty close. I love the high-waisted look and it is comfortable as well. I’m also packing along a one piece (if it arrives!) to wear for any excursions we may find ourselves on. Of course there is a cute coverup to have as well for walking to & from the beach.

Sadly, you cannot live in your swimsuit the entire time, so actual clothing is a must!

For me that means a lot of cute dresses and flowy things! Mr. B’s grandma gifted me a jumpsuit much like the one above and man is it comfortable! I pretty much want to live in the thing! I’ll also be bringing along my black maxi dress because it is easy to dress up with a light scarf or just wear it plain. Versatile pieces are great to bring on vacation since they have the ability to be worn several ways without taking up much space!

Since there will be a lot of time lounging by the ocean, I’ll need a beach bag filled with essentials!

I WISH I would have seen this Roxy beach bag much sooner! It is super cute and I would have loved to have it for Jamaica! I will be filling my VS freebie bag with the all important sun protection! My skin sometimes has weird reactions to the sun, so sunscreen will be my BFF! My lips will be protected with Softlips Vanilla! I have tried several other brands of chapstick, but always go back to this stuff! You can’t forget cute sunglasses either!

I will also be brining along something to read while at the beach, just haven’t decided what beach read I want to pick yet! Have any beach read suggestions?

I cannot wait to get out of the cold and enjoy a week in paradise! It is going to be great and MUCH needed!

Are you going anywhere this holiday season?
What would you pack for a tropical vacation?

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Skinny Snowman-2