Bump Update: Week 30

Bump Update: Week 30

How far along? We hit 30 weeks last Saturday! Cannot believe there is about 10 weeks to go. Eeek!!

Maternity clothes? I realized that my leggings weren’t going to continue to work through the last couple of months of pregnancy, so I finally invested in some dress pants. Again, maternity clothes are so comfy! I also invested in some over sized t-shirts to lounge around in since Mr. B’s aren’t quite cutting it anymore.

Sleep? I’m sleeping fairly well still. I owe it a lot to the Snoogle and our memory foam mattress pad. I’m getting up in the middle of the night to pee more often and there are the occasional leg cramps. Other than that, I can’t complain too much.

Best moment this week?
Last Saturday was my baby shower, which was amazing! Also, Mr. B reading to Baby B before bed is one of the best things ever. <3 Symptoms? Holy heartburn! This baby better have a head full of hair to make this heartburn with it.

Food cravings? Anything sweet or lemon. I’ve been enjoying ice cream about once a week, which is not as often as I’d like. 😉

Food aversions?
The strong smell of coffee is still something I don’t enjoy.

Gender? Baby B is a girl!

Labor signs? I’ve had some slight cramping, but nothing to get worked up about.

Belly button in or out?
Still an innie. I’m not too sure that my belly button with pop.

What I miss?
BEER! I have dreams about drinking beer lately. Lol

What I’m looking forward to? There is so much I’m looking forward to now! I can’t wait to have the nursery all done, see her, hold her, and all the goodness that comes with a baby.

Well, the biggest one is I don’t have gestational diabetes! Woo! I’m also loving seeing Baby B move around now. Not only can I see the kicks, but now you can see her moving from side to side. It is so freaking cool!

Bump? Large and in charge! :) I love my bump.

I’m really trying to enjoy these last months of pregnancy, which isn’t always easy. Especially when you feel much larger than you are, get winded easily, and at times feeling like you have no control over your body. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to enjoy about this all than not. I love feeling her move, knowing that soon she’ll be in our arms, and getting everything ready for her arrival.

It’s pretty darn incredible. <3
What’s good in your life right now?

Second Trimester Must Haves

Second Trimester Must Haves by Brooke: Not on a Diet

It is hard to believe that I’m just now into the third trimester, it seems like I was just telling Mr. B that we were pregnant. Now we have around 12 weeks to go! Much like my first trimester, the second wasn’t too bad either. I finally feel like I have some energy to do things other than sleep all the time. Trust me, I’m still taking naps, as sleeping at night is becoming a bit of an issue.

But, I will talk more about that in my next bump update! Today I want to share some of the things that have helped me manage the last few months.

Bubble Baths

I cannot get enough of soaking in the tub, especially with great smelling bubbles! Baby B enjoys them as well, as she gets to kicking every time I’m in the tub. My favorites are the French Lavender & Honey and Mad About You from Bath & Body Works.

Tums Smoothies

Heartburn has become very real. The most basic things like water seem to cause it and these Tums come in handy when it happens. I like the smoothie ones because they don’t taste as chalky as the original ones.

Yoga Mat

I’ve been LOVING my yoga classes over the last few months. I started off at Indigo with a gentle yoga class, but have recently switch over to a prenatal yoga class at Shine. Both have been super beneficial to stretching and relaxing my ever-changing body. Baby B enjoys her Savasana. 😉

Lemon Greek Yogurt

This yogurt with blueberries is one of my favorite snacks. Although, I’m not going to say no to any yogurt.

FitBit Charge HR

Now that I have the energy, I’ve really been trying to focus on getting in my steps. Having my FitBit really helps keep me on track, especially when I’m in a challenge with others.

Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve been reading a lot of childbirth and breastfeeding books lately. I love being able to do it on my Kindle too! It’s super portable and I can read in bed when I can’t sleep without disturbing Mr. B!

Anything you would add to my must have list?
Any book recommendations that I should read?

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April Goal Diggin’

Anyone feel like the months are flying by? Part of me is completely okay with this because I want to hold Baby B, but the other part of me is saying “SLOW DOWN, I’M NOT READY!” No matter what, the days are passing and it will be a 3 short months before our daughter makes her appearance.

Until then, I’m going to keep goal diggin’ the best I can!

March was a great month of goal achievement! I accomplished everything on my list, except finishing Daring Greatly. I probably have about 1/4 of the way to go and I put it down for a bit to read Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding. I was craving something baby related. 😉

Since March was a great month, I want to set up April to be the same!

April goals

30+ squats a day

Squats are good in order to prep for childbirth, which apparently is something I’ll be doing. While Ina May suggests you do 300+ a day, I like my prenatal yoga instructor’s recommendation of 30+. Seems much more manageable! I’ve been doing them when I’m in the bathroom to brush my teeth in the morning and at night. Slowly working to make it a habit!

200,000 steps total for the month

Just a little different step goal to achieve for the month to keep it exciting.

Attend prenatal yoga every Thursday

I really enjoy the prenatal yoga at Shine. It is great to be around another pregnant ladies and learn a thing or two. The only thing that makes it hard is that Thursday is my only night off work and I enjoy making a decent meal and spending time with Mr. B on that night. So, it’s a matter of deciding that the benefits of the class are a little more important right now.

30 mins of crafting every day

I recently decided to tackle a baby quilt project for Baby B’s nursery. I know that if I don’t dedicate time every day to work on it, I’ll put it off. So, just 30 minutes a day of either quilting or knitting.

30 mins of studying every weekday (longer study session on weekends if I can)

You know that personal training certification I signed up for last year? Well, the last few months I haven’t given studying any attention and with my test coming up at the end of May, I need to get to cracking those books open!

What goals are you chasing after this month?
Share below! I love hearing them!