5 Things Friday (4/11)


This week’s 5 Things Friday is a short one, but all these articles really struck a chord with me and provided lots of thinking!

5 Reads

* Why Keeping Weight Off, Not Losing Is, Is The Real Victory- I cannot even begin to tell you how much this article spoke to me! Maintaining your weight is tough and it is hard to find a balance that works for you. Especially when you’ve lost so much and you’re used to setting weight loss goals to keep you going. This paragraph pretty much nailed it for me:

Beyond the practical steps, much of the shift from losing to maintaining weight is mental. There’s an addictive quality to losing weight, just as there is to gaining weight. Dieters are driven to reach a decisive end point, a goal that’s easily marked in ounces and inches. But to successfully change your life, you can’t just meet your goal. You have to learn how to exist within it

* How to Have a Great Life Without Spending a Lot of Money from Oh Dear Drea- Nothing really new here, but a great reminder of practical ways to just enjoy life!

* Daily Command Center Printable from Back To Her Roots- In a perfect world I am utterly organized, have my days planned out, and accomplish everything on my to-do list. Of course, that rarely happens, but I think this cute printable might get me a bit closer!

* Don’t Compare Yourself To….You from Carla Birnberg- This is a great thought provoking post. I try not to compare myself to others, but do look at past me and compare. Especially when it comes to fitness, I think about where I was last year exercise wise and get bummed that I’m not there now. Time to knock it off and just be the best I can be every day!

* What Love Really Is- Okay, this isn’t a read, it is a video. But, I promise it is worth the watch!

Did you read anything interesting this week? If so, share below!

Where To Go From Here

After I finally made the jump to join Blog Genie’s Blog School, I started to think about where I wanted to take Brooke: Not On a Diet into the future. I received the first module and that’s the first thing we do is talk about what sort of blog we want. Thinking about it completely overwhelmed me and made my brain hurt.

I wanted to quit before I even really got started.

When I started this blog way back in 2009, it was for me as a way to just document my journey. It was never meant to turn into what it has, but I’m so thankful it did. This blog has given me opportunities, introduced me to great people, and has become a platform to help those who are looking to lose weight as well.

It was weight loss all the time, then I hit goal. Weight loss isn’t something that is forefront in my life any more, there isn’t a need for weekly weigh-ins or goals focused on losing weight. This has made blogging tough, because I wasn’t sure what to blog about anymore. Posts became few and far between and quite frankly that bummed me out. I do love blogging and I love being open and honest with you guys. But, what do I talk about anymore?

So, I’ve been thinking about where I want to go from here and even had a thought wondering if my blog was relevant any more. If I’m not talking about weight loss, would anyone even continue to read? Should I just quit this and start something else? What to do, what to do….

I was having a blogging identity crisis.


I had a million ideas enter my head and no idea of how to make them all work. Food blog, lifestyle blog, blogging just to blog, Weight Watchers blog, etc…etc. Again, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit.

Luckily, I got on GChat and rambled to Emily about it all. Having a blend is an awesome thing when moments like this happen! She talked me off the cliff, helped me narrow things down a bit, and gave me some other great ideas. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who ‘gets it,’ am I right?

After the chat, I got excited again. I now have more of a set direction of where Brooke: Not On a Diet will go into the future. No worries, there will still be talk of losing weight and tips that work/worked for me. There will also be more recipes, more talk of life with Mr. B, and hopefully some talk of things local here in the Quad Cities. I know eventually I would like to be able to offer different services to you guys as well, such as menu plans, health coaching services, and maybe even personal training type stuff. Of course, those things are in the far future, but all a possibility.

I just want to better serve you guys and to also not feel like I need to be limited to talking just about weight loss. Change is a good thing and I really feel like the things that will be happening around here will be pretty freaking amazing.

I hope that you will all stick around as I make it happen. I promise I always will be me, cause that’s what I do best! :)


Anything you’d like to see come to Brooke: Not On a Diet?

Something you hope doesn’t disappear?

Share below!

5 Things Friday (4/4)


I tried to make this happen back in February. It happened once, then life got crazy with work and I was just lazy. #truestory So, I’m working on making it a thing again!

5 Reads

* Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body by Not Looking at It for a Year by Kjerstin Gruys- my girl, Dacia recommended this book to me. I just started it and so far am enjoying it. Kjerstin also has a blog about her year without mirrors, HERE.

* Microwave PB2 Cake from No Thanks to Cake’s Kelly- this looks delish and I have everything I need to make it!

* What I Won’t Miss: Wearing Jeans and the Most Insecure Post I’ve Ever Written by Emily. I don’t know how I ever missed this post (it’s from January), but it’s good! She gets real and I love it.

* Quit Confusing My Weight Loss with Self-Hate by DubyaWife- Love this! Not everyone who wants to lose weight hates who they are, my journey started that way. But it didn’t continue that way, I finally decided that I wanted to lose weight to be the best version of me. And yes, there are days I too want to sit in front of the TV with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. ;)

* The 65 Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2014 by the Greatist- Because you know, we totally need more apps on our phones! :)

5 Things I Need in My Closet


Bike Cardigan from Target

Bike Cardigan from Target


Garden Rose Jacket from CAbi

Garden Rose Jacket from CAbi


Floral In the Key of Chic dress from Mod Cloth

Floral In the Key of Chic dress from Mod Cloth


Feel the Fear t-shirt from Jillian Michaels' Tour

Feel the Fear t-shirt from Jillian Michaels’ Tour


Matilda Dress from Boden

Matilda Dress from Boden

5 Confessions

* Pop has slowly made an appearance back in my life. I’ve been having a Sprite once or twice a week lately. Eek! It isn’t my 2-3 Diet Dr. Pepper habit, but still not the best!

* I totally wore a t-shirt and jeans to work on Monday. I was so excited to wear my Jillian t-shirt, so I just hadto! I paired it with my pink jacket though, so I’m pretty sure that made it work appropriate! ;)


* I deleted the Facebook app off my phone! I told Mr. B that I would and he told me I wouldn’t be able to do it! Ha, proved him wrong! It has only been a few days, but I totally notice a difference and am getting things done!

* I’m really working on a 5 year plan for myself. Working on breaking big goals down and trying to accomplish something daily to make those things happen!

* I have cried almost daily about my Jillian Michaels experience. Major dork, I know! But it really meant A LOT to me!

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

* Blog School! I have been toying with doing this for a couple of years now and talking with Emily this past weekend, I decided to pull the trigger and do it! I can’t wait to see what it brings!

* Going to Florida in May! Mr. B’s cousin is getting married in Jacksonville, so we’re headed there for a quick weekend trip! I’ve never been to Florida, so I’m excited to eat a cupcake and cross another state off the list on my quest to eat a cupcake in all 50 states!

* Buying Jillian’s One Week Shred! Not that I need yet another workout DVD in my life, but you all want a review from me, right? ;) That’s how I’m justifying the purchase!

* For warmer weather to stick around! Mother Nature has teased us with nice days here and there, but it hasn’t stuck. I’m ready for biking weather 24/7!

* Making a recipe from the new Happy Herbivore Light & Lean Cookbook! I get to review it and giveaway a copy to you guys! Woot!


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Sources: 1/2/3/4/5

What are you wanting in your closet?
Any interesting reads lately?