Hello! Want to know more about me? Well, I’m just your average Midwest gal who has lost over 170 pounds. Some call me an inspiration and Mr. B calls me ‘babe’, but you can call me Brooke, the girl not on a diet.

I started my journey back in January of 2009, after a horrible relationship, which found me bingeing on over 2 dozen cookies in less than 24 hours. Combine that with a breakdown in a dressing room surrounded in skinny jeans that wouldn’t fit, I needed a change. My amazing mother got me started on my journey and on February 2, 2009 I stepped on the scale at 327.6 pounds.


In the beginning I focused mostly on eating right and little exercise. I had never exercised before, so I kept it to walking. (Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds is amazing!
) Over the years I have changed my eating habits to focus more on less processed foods and learned to cook for myself. I also now love to exercise, which has always been done in my own home (never have had a gym membership) and can be found rocking out a fun fitness DVD challenge!


In May 2013, I took off my bra and hit my goal weight with my family and amazing Weight Watchers leader cheering me on. I hit Lifetime status in June 2013 and am now learning the art of maintaining a healthy weight of 155!


I’m still trying to figure out the maintenance aspect of this all. Some weeks I have it all figured out and other weeks I don’t. I do my best to continue moving my body as often as possible and fueling it with good for me foods!

Not only have I lost 172lbs, I have gained oh so very much! I gained the confidence to put myself out in the dating world and snag me a hot husband!

The Story Of Mr. B & I

It all started with a message on Plenty Of Fish where I called him a beer snob.  I fell in love with his cute smirk and he fell in love with my smile. Our confession of love happened in a random garage after a few too many Jello shots.  He wowed me with his hockey skills and turned me into a Blackhawks fan. I wowed him with my determination and ability to cook a delicious meal.


Then one day in the presence of a bum, personal trainer, and a random guy taking pictures of his Jeep, B-Fry asked me to be his wife. A year later we were married in the best ceremony ever and became Mr. & Mrs. B.


Most nights you can find us just relaxing at home with me busy knitting and him playing too much NHL.  Weekends are spent bike riding (when the weather allows it!) or enjoying a beer at on of the local Quad City breweries. We dream of someday living in a big house with a large kitchen and massive man cave with our future Lil Bs and living the dream. What that dream is, we’re not 100% sure, but we’re working on it.


The Blog

Here on Brooke: Not On A Diet I hope to show you that you don’t need the next fad diet or weight loss supplement to lose weight. I have done this the old-fashioned way of eating less and moving more. I don’t do any crazy weight loss shakes, calorie restricting, or pre-packaged meals. I eat real food and never tell myself I ‘can’t’ have something. This is life and quite frankly life is too short not to indulge in the occasional cupcake!

Most recently I became well-known for my refusal to put a shirt on for SHAPE magazine. There was a lot of media surrounding the story and I made appearances on TV shows around the world. It all came together when SHAPE not only included me, but four other great women in their Jan/Feb 2015 issue talking about life after a major weight loss. It was one of the greatest and most crazy experiences of my life, but I love that I started a conversation.


Mixed in is some inspiration and showing you how to incorporate this into your daily life. There are food ideas, dvd challenges, and life here in the Not On a Diet household! So grab a beer smoothie and have a seat!