Breaking Up

Dear Cheerios-

When I heard that you were now a Weight Watchers power food, I got excited. I thought, FINALLY a cereal that I can enjoy while following Simply Filling! I was now allowed to eat a bowl of you until satisfaction and not have to track the PointsPlus!


Woohoo! I did a dance to the grocery store and bought you. Brought you into my home and enjoyed a bowl of you that night for dessert.


At first, we were fine meeting up for the occasional bowl for breakfast (topped with a banana) and sometimes late at night when I needed something else after dinner. I loved knowing that I could have you as an option for a quick breakfast on days that I didn’t want to put in the effort for oatmeal or a smoothie.

That was all fine….for awhile.

Then our relationship went to the extreme….


I’d enjoy you for breakfast, sometimes even lunch, and almost always as “dessert.” We were meeting nightly and that wasn’t good. I found myself buying a new box weekly, when before a box could last me a month. Our relationship is taking a toll not only on my wallet, but also my efforts to live my best life.

I thought we could have a healthy relationship, but we can’t. I do not know satisfaction with you, I just can’t get enough. I know that when something like that happens, then it is time to break up.


It is time to say goodbye to you for now. Maybe someday in the future we could meet again under different circumstances. But, it is for the best that we just go our separate ways. And if you see me in the grocery store aisle, just quietly pass, as will I.

It’s not you, it’s me….


Have you ever had to break up with a food?

  • What?? When the heck did Cheerios become part of Simply Filling??? How did I miss that memo?!

  • readingewe

    I’ve had to break up with almonds, which is super disappointing. But, they cause GI discomfort, and I’d rather not have a weird knot in my side than get to enjoy almonds.

    • I need to do that sort of breaking up with dairy! I can live without cheese, it’s the sour cream and frozen yogurt I don’t wanna quit!

  • AneleatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    I don’t really break up with foods because I’ll just end up obsessing over what I can’t have but I know the foods that will cause me to go over the edge. (Lookin’ at you candy corn) So I buy one bag for my birthday in the Fall, portion it out in snack bags and make the hubby hide it so I don’t obsess over its location. Most times I forget we have it and when I remember, he’ll retrieve it from its hiding spot. That way I don’t end up with candy corn stuck on my face in sugar shock hissing the corner.

    • I totally get that, there’s foods I won’t give up because I know that I can handle just one or two when I want it. I just can’t do that with cereal. And I know that I won’t obsess over it, because I’m not taking all cereal out of my life. I just can’t handle knowing I can eat as much as I want without having to track it.

      I still have my Special K Chocolately Delight! I know I can enjoy a single serving without going back for seconds.

      And now I want candy corn. πŸ˜‰

  • It’s a memo I should have missed. Haha.

    If you look at the Power Foods list now, it should say something about cereal. Cheerios count as does unsweetened shredded wheat.

    • Do you happen to have the link to the updated list? I find it really hard to locate. πŸ™

      But this is really big news for me so thanks very much for sharing! πŸ™‚

  • For some reason I cannot stand cheerios. I think it is the smell. They just completely gross me out. I actually just won a box of cheerios from the grocery store the other day. You can imagine my excitement.
    While I can’t relate to your love of cheerios, I can relate to loving a food so much that you have to break up with it.

    • Well, I would say you can send those Cheerios my way, but I can’t be trusted with them! πŸ˜‰

  • Erin Brown

    This post had me cracking up. The photos definitely made my day. I’m sorry that you and Cheerios couldn’t have a healthy relationship, I know that had to have been hard to come to terms with. It’s better to let Cherrios go and wish them all the happiness in future endeavors!

  • DLP

    Nutella! I eat it with a spoon, out of the jar, in the middle of the night (and any other time no one is looking)

    • I cannot bring that or Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter into my house without sneaking spoonfuls!

  • Sarah

    I pretty much cannot have any cereal in my house. For that same reason. I gave up bread for awhile, but have brought it back into my home and things have gone well. I can have a loaf on the counter and not have to hide it. Or eat it in one evening.

  • Yes, unfortunately. I pretty much broke up with cookies although we may have an occasional date away from home.

    • I’m sure cookies and Cheerios are fist deep in a pint of ice cream while watching all the Nicholas Sparks’ films. πŸ˜‰

  • Judy Case

    I “abuse” cereal. My husband loves the Kashi cereals and eats a bowl every night. When he is away working I have to use the food saver to seal the bags and put the cereal in the freezer outside. Yes, that’s how bad it is. When it comes to cereal I quit measuring and dump till the bowl is full. I miss cereal sometimes.

  • Sarah G

    Oh man. This post moved me to register and comment because it is my life. Cheerios. Simply Filling. Breakfast. Bedtime snack. Dinner. Weekends are the worst. I buy dual-pack giant boxes at Costco. One cup became two and too often, a whole second bedtime bowl.
    I had a lot of restaurant plans this week so I’ve been doing PP+ and guess how many solitary Cheerios I’ve eaten? Zero. I can’t make myself count them! I don’t think I can stand a full-scale break-up, but I need some distance for a while. Whole Grain Cream of Wheat is good too & it’s so much work to cook that my laziness keeps me from making more.

    • They should reconsider this whole Cheerios being a SF food thing! Lol. I have NO issue with cereal I need to count PP for. And if I had to count the PP for Cheerios, they would never enter my house.

  • Solidarity, sister! Lol! Just a few weeks ago I had the my (hopefully last) cereal-inspired binge ( and I made “the courageous decision” (I love a “Pitch Perfect” reference!) to abstain from bringing any more cereal into the house. For me, my crack is Cascadia Farms Organic Cinnamon Crunch cereal, but that need for more more more is the same. I cannot be trusted around it, and so it’s gone (well cuz I ate the whole two boxes but we’ll just gloss over that for now). Perhaps forever. Good for you for ending a bad relationship, lol!

    • Isn’t it crazy how we think we will be okay with certain foods, only to be fooled yet again? It will be your last binge on that cereal! πŸ™‚

  • I’m not sure of the exact location online where the list would be. All I have is my printed material, plus the listing in my WW leader resources. Sorry!

  • Good for you for finding an okay balance with bread! I can with most cereals, but Cheerios was just way too easy to pour into a bowl without thinking!

  • Joanna Kowalik

    Any cereal, no matter how healthy is like crack cocaine to me. I cannot have it in the house.

  • Kelly

    Crackers. I’m not allowed to even buy them anymore. I just avoid having them all together!

  • Chrissy Hayes

    I believe the reason why you can not just have cereal once in a while is because it contains wheat or other high glycemic index things such as corn or rice. I am currently on the wheat belly diet and all those foods are listed as “addictive”. I choose to stay away from all because I do not like to feel addicted to any food, even “healthy” cereal.

  • Tracey H

    It’s Nutella for me. I would eat it by the spoonful! Just passing by the cupboard? Oh, why not a spoonful of the nectar of the gods? Why stop at one? The left side is uneven… Gotta do something about that. To make matters worse I got addicted during my study abroad year and thought since I never bothered to look up the conversion between Kilojoules and Calories they didn’t count… Let’s just say my suitcase wasn’t the only thing 30 pounds heavier when I returned.

    I’m pretty sure Nutella wants me back, but I’m holding strong. I tried a Friends with Benefits type thing a while back around Christmas and the darn bottle of it didn’t last more than a couple days. Did I mention it was a bottle from Costco? I can’t be trusted.