New York, New York!

Last time we met, I was on my way to New York to do a piece on the Today Show about all the awesome things that happened with Shape magazine.

I got into New York on Monday evening and made my way to grab some grub at District Tap House. They had some pretty delicious tapas and I had such a hard time deciding, that I ordered 3 of them. All were worth it! I then ran around and caught all the sites I wanted to see. I even witnessed a couple get engaged on the skating rink. It was cute! I didn’t stay out too late though as I had an early morning!


I was up early for the Today Show as I needed to be ready by 6:30am. Thank goodness they provided hair and makeup! 😉 While in the green room, I “mingled” with the stars. Basically Nicole Kidman walked through and smiled at me. But, we did breathe the same air. 😉

The segment was quick and painless. I didn’t say anything dumb or have a coughing attack (I was getting over a sinus thing), so I’d say it was a major success!

In case you missed it, here’s the video:

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I’m so pleased with how everything turned out. I really think that Shape is doing a great thing by including the new “Journey After the Journey” hub on their site. Head there and share your story, because as I said before, people need to share their stories for those who need to hear them. I know a lot of you have some incredible stories to share!

It was then back to the hotel where I got ready to go grab some food when Bahar texted me and told me that Inside Edition wanted to do an interview. I hopped in a cab and headed to the Shape offices.

I got to Shape and hung out in Bahar’s office until the people from Inside Edition showed up. The Inside Edition interview was great and the producer was super nice! He asked some great questions that of course (as with most media) weren’t part of the final piece, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

After the interview, Bahar let me hang out and do some work in her office. I also had a chance to meet the Chief Content Director and Executive Managing Editor of Shape. We chatted about what is to come of the Journey After the Journey hub and I really hope to working with them on things in the future!


I’m glad things weren’t as crazy as they were back when this all started last year. I have a couple of more interviews coming up, but nothing to send me on a whirlwind trip. And I’m okay with that!

Now it is back to life with Mr. B, eating meals at home, and regular workouts!

How are things in your world?
Did you catch my interviews?

Media Whirlwind and a Resolution with Shape


Where do I even begin with everything that has happened over the last week?

I never thought that when I posted about me deciding to pull out from a story with Shape that it would go completely viral on the internet. I posted only to explain the situation, never for attention, never to bash Shape, and never because I felt like I needed to whine. (yes, there have been people who said I did it for those exact reasons) I just felt like I owed my readers an explanation and wanted to start a conversation.

And start a conversation I did….WOAH.

I can’t even keep track of all the places my story has shown up, but it has been all over the world quite literally.

It all started last Tuesday when I had interviews with several websites including BuzzFeed and Yahoo Shine. Huffington Post reposted my blog, Refinery29 did a interview, you could find it on Cosmo’s website, and even E!News.

I had gone viral. The views on my website went through the roof and crashed my blog several times.

And that was just the beginning.

Wednesday was more phone calls from The Today Show in Australia, Good Morning America, HLN, and NBC’s Today. I was busy on the phone trying to get travel plans made, rescheduling travel plans, and setting up times to do interviews.

Then it was off to Chicago to meet up with Mr. B who had flown in from Minnesota (he was there for work). I cannot tell you how great it felt to finally see him after everything that had happened. He is my rock and after feeling so overwhelmed with everything, I needed his hug. (Seriously cannot sing enough praise for that man!)

It was a late night in Chicago filming for Good Morning America. Which was done in a hotel suite at like midnight.

Suite where GMA was recorded

Suite where GMA was recorded

After that we hit the hay for a busy day in Chicago on Thursday.

Thursday started off with watching my story on GMA, then breakfast before anything else. we went to Wildberry’s and I had this amazing waffle!

Evernote Camera Roll 20140512 091716

We got to relax at the hotel for a short time before my LIVE interviews with HLN and then The Today Show in Australia. Those were interesting to do and you can tell I was super nervous during the HLN one. I was super happy with the Today Show in Australia one though.

Interviews were done and after talking with the editors at Shape, we were taken to the airport to catch at flight to New York! We got in late and headed to bed since the TODAY interview would be happening early in the morning. There wasn’t too much sleeping on my part since my mind was racing with everything that was going to happen the next day.

Friday arrived and it was off to TODAY! There was hair and make-up with the cast of Mama Mia and a quick chat with Bahar (editor-at-large from Shape). Then we were taken upstairs where we waited for our segment.

This is what happened:

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I am so happy that it all turned into this. When I posted the blog post, I wanted a conversation to happen and wanted to spark a change in magazines today. That is exactly what happened. I’m excited to now be working with Shape to feature women who have gone through an extreme weight loss and showing their readers what can happen not only physically, but also mentally when doing just that.

This is a good thing.

Evernote Camera Roll 20140512 91717

I want to say thank you so much for all of your kind words through all of this! The positive response I have received has been overwhelming and I can’t even keep up with all the comments, emails, and messages. Thankfully the positive has far outweighed the negative, which is great to see. You guys rock and made this small-town girl feel pretty amazing over the last week. I’m glad to have been the girl who brought this conversation to the mainstream media and to have so much support throughout it all!

As for the negative people, sorry that you feel the need to bash people who are doing great things for this world. Nobody has time for that.

I will of course keep you updated with everything that is to come! Along with a more extensive, fun look at the day Mr. B & I spent in the Big Apple!

As always, share your thoughts below!

And remember, keep it kind. I appreciate honesty, but do it with tact. I do reserve the right to delete anything that doesn’t adhere to this.

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