I’m A Success Story!

As you all know last Wednesday I had the privilege of speaking at Weight Watchers Success Stories Live. I was quite honored to be asked considering I am nowhere near my goal weight. But I suppose after losing 115lbs, I am some sort of success.

There was me plus 8 others. When I sat down on a stool in front of the room, the lady sitting next to me asked me what my name was. I told her and she said, “Oh, so you’re the 100lb Brooke.” Definitely made me smile knowing that I apparently have a reputation in meetings rather than my own.

We all waited for more people to spill in and the whole thing got started around 6:15pm. There was no formal way of going about things, so we all just introduced ourselves.

This is where I wish I had been more prepared. It seemed like everyone but me had a speech of some sort prepared. Oh well, when it came to be my turn I introduced myself, showed my before picture and the jeans I wore to my firs meeting. I also told everyone how much weight I had lost and why I loved the program. If I had been more prepared, there would have been a blog shout out. Hehe.

There were a lot of interesting stories and I actually caught myself tearing up over one lady’s story. She showed her before picture and said, “The woman in that picture was not happy.” Something I could really relate to. I remember being so miserable on the inside, but faking it all with a smile on the outside. Those days are gone though!

Two ladies had been going to meetings together and had lost a total of 60lbs so far between the two of them. So, they went to a local grocery store and bought 60lbs of fat to bring in. Talk about disgusting!! And to think that I’ve lost just about twice that is just insane. It was great to see a visual though.

After we all gave our stories, it was all kind of an open forum thing. We all talked about things we loved about Weight Watchers, why the program has worked for us, and just were encouraging others to join. I learned that even though we are all different people, our journeys are very much the same. The woman next to me may only had to have lost 30lbs, but that doesn’t mean it was any easier for her.

One of the perks of speaking at the event, we got $15 gift certificates to use on Weight Watchers products. I used mine on Tuesday to buy the Weight Watchers food scale. Let’s just say, I am in LOVE!! I think I will do a review on it for all of you.

Oooo…and now that I have my laptop, I’m going to rock out a recipe review WITH PICTURES this week. So happy to have received this laptop, I have a feeling it’s going to mean amazing things for this blog! Yay!

Oh, and there were pictures taken of me at he event, but all of them are HORRIBLE! This is why I’m the photographer in the family and not my mom. I won’t be sharing them. Sorry, I’m not sorry.