The Piggy Back Ride

If you’ve ever been overweight, you know that piggy back rides are never an option as a form of transportation. You’re too heavy and who the heck would be able to carry you.

Well piggy back rides are something that haven’t happened since I was a child. Probably 20 years…at least.

Until last night that is….

B-Fry and I were at his apartment packing things up. We had had a few drinks and decided to hit the hay. Well he decided to pick me up and carry me to the bedroom.

It was going fine until I started giggling uncontrollably and he dropped me on the ground. (No worries, I’m fine) He then decided he was going to give me a piggy back ride.

I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea at all. I still have that fear that I’m too fat for someone to carry me. So, I broke down in tears. Bawling practically.

Well he gives me a hug and tells me we’re going to get me over this fear. That it’s something that needs to be done and he’s going to t it.

Finally after 10mins of coaxing, he gets me to get on his back. And carries me to the bedroom where I bash my knee on the door frame. Yes there was blood. Lol.

I’m quite proud of myself for going for that piggy back ride. For getting over the fear that I’m ‘too heavy’ for some guy to carry me.

I’m glad that B-Fry saw my fear and helped me conquer it. He rocked in convincing me.

And that is why I love him.