March Goal Digging

My friend, Dacia posted in a Facebook group that we have about setting up some March goals using my Goal Digger sheet. It has been awhile since I used it, so I of course decided to join in.

Here is what I’m working on this month:


  • Meditate
  • Hit step goal
  • Wake up before 6:00am
  • Knit for 20 minutes (guilt free!)


  • Attend a yoga class
  • Try a new recipe
  • Phone free for 1 day a week
  • Purge a room


  • Read 2 books
  • Sew something

My reward: A pedicure!

What are you working on this month?


Goal Digger (FREE Printable)

I showed myself some tough love and left off with stating that I would come back and chat about the goals that I want to accomplish.

So I’m here to just do that. I won’t lie though, it took me a bit to do this because I wanted to make this pretty chart to keep track of all my goals. And then I would get distracted with the real task at hand.


I got to my goal setting, then worked on the pretty chart. Because let’s face it, when I have something to check off and show my progress, I’m more likely to stick with it!

I set goals that pertained to all aspects of my life. I have food, fitness, and work related. Goals that will help me get out of the house, meet new people, and get back to that goal weight. They fall into the categories of daily, weekly, and monthly.

Also, instead of waiting for the beginning of a month to start, I’m starting my chart on Sunday (but already working on my goals RIGHT NOW). The chart works for 4 weeks at a time without a specific start/end date. My plan is to go the 4 weeks and reevaluate.

There’s also a reward for me, because again rewards work great for me and better the chance of me sticking with it. My reward will be this Alex & Ani bracelet!


I should state that I’m shooting for 100%, but if I hit 80%, then it will be a win for me. I know there are a few things coming up that will make it a bit hard to hit a couple of the things some days, but I will do the best I can.

Enough rambling, here are my goals!


Movement (10+ minutes)
Water (64oz)
Read & Comment on 5 Blog Posts
Respond to ALL Feedback (emails/comments/etc)


Drinkend ONLY (no beer except on the weekend)
Earn 15 Activity PointsPlus
15+ Miles Biking/Walking
Work Outside the House Twice A Week


Attend 2 Fitness Classes
Try 2 New Recipes

I’m guess that you probably want to see the pretty chart I made to keep this all in order, right?

2014-07-11 10.18.14

Cute right?

Well, because I’m a super nice person, I’m giving you access to the printable as well! It will be blank for you to fill in with your own goals.

Goal Digger FREE Printable from Brooke: Not On a Diet

I plan on posting daily/weekly updates on my social media channels. If you don’t see me post a movement related post everyday on Instagram, call me out! If you don’t see me logging mileage on my Runkeeper, call me out on that as well.

I need you guys to help! 🙂

If you want to do some goal digging right along with me, print out your chart, post your goals & reward and share it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and tag me!

I’d love to have some accountabilbuddies!

What are your goals?