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Stepping It Up

I don’t talk about my job much here on the blog, but in a nutshell I work in a house where 4 men with mental illness (bipolar, schizophrenia, etc) live. The purpose of my job is to be a support for them and teach them the skills they need to eventually live on their own. Sometimes I am super busy with appointments, grocery shopping, and being an errand girl. Most of the time though, my job involves a lot of sitting.

A LOT! Sitting watching TV, sitting reading a book, sitting playing cards, sitting just because there isn’t a dang thing to do because everyone is sleeping.

I honestly probably sit an average of 5 hours a day at work, more on boring days, less on more exciting ones. It’s horrible for me and I definitely notice my back bugging me on the days I’m sitting too much.

The thing is though, I don’t have the motivation to get moving. It is much more easy to just sit and not move, but we all know that doing so is not good for the body. So, I got something to motivate me to move my butt!


I’m totally motivated by goals that I set for myself and numbers. It is why I love my ActiveLink. Seeing those lights light up totally gets me going. Lol. I figured since that encourages to me to move more, then a pedometer should do the same!

I picked this one up at Target for about $15. I picked this one up because it also counts mileage, which will be interesting to see what all my walking adds up to. I’m not too worried about calories since this will just be everyday walking and not exactly walking as an activity.

This one also lets you set a daily goal to reach. You can do anywhere from 1,000 to 99,000 steps as your goal. I set mine on the low side this week since I’m just getting started and think that the goal I set will be a huge improvement from what I was doing. I plan on increasing it as the weeks go by, but for now we will see what this goal brings!


It will be interesting to see what it takes for me to hit this goal. I know that I will have to move much more than I have been at work. It will probably mean that I’ll be pacing the living room to get my steps in and my clients will probably wonder if I shouldn’t be living in one of their houses too. ;) But, I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring those around me, so maybe I’ll inspire them to move more. Probably not, but a girl can dream, right? (I’m still trying to convince a client that corn dogs are NOT a form of vegetable…lol) I do know that one of my clients enjoys going for walks, so maybe I can get him to go on a few with me. We shall see!

I’m excited to work towards this step goal and increasing it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be one of those ‘crazy’ people who aim for 10,000 a day! (Ya’ll rock!)

What about you? Do you make an effort to move more at work?

Are you motivated by fitness tools? If so, what’s your fave?

6 Weeks To A 6 Pack- DVD Challenge

Last week I finished my Turbo Fire challenge and hinted that Mr. B and I would soon be starting a new one. We started last week, but between dek hockey games, me hitting goal, and a visitation, we didn’t sick with it.

So, we are giving it another go this week!

What’s the DVD challenge you ask? Well after doing Turbo Fire with Chalene, I was totally missing my girl Jillian! She is definitely my favorite trainer and I love every DVD of hers I have laid my hand on. :)

This time around we are going to give her 6 Week 6 Pack DVD a try!


The plan is to do the DVD 3-4 days a week for 6 weeks. Level 1 for 3 weeks and level 2 for 3 weeks. I will be doing other workouts on the other days and have decided to pull out an old Best Body Bootcamp workout plan to do.

I haven’t been doing much strength training since starting the Turbo Fire challenge and miss it. So, doing BBB will help incorporate that for sure. Now that I have hit goal, I am looking to shrink my body fat percentage. I want to be ripped! ;)

I also need a routine with my activity. It seems that I finish a challenge and then hit a bit of a slump. This happens mostly because I just don’t have a plan. And as the saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Lucky for me, failure is NOT an option!

I’m pretty excited for this new DVD challenge and super stoked that Mr. B is joining in. I have tried to get him to take part in my challenges before but he never seemed into it. But, he is all for this one. Guess he wants to be looking good for vacation in June/July. :)

Now I know that won’t be graced with a six-pack thanks to my loose skin, but I am excited to see if it will help shrink some of the stuff going on there. Mr. B on the other hand could be rocking one at the end of the challenge.

Here are our before pics! And ladies, don’t oogle a Mr. B too much! He’s mine! ;)



We shall see where we are in 6 weeks!

Have you done this DVD before? Thoughts?

Turbo Fire: The Final Results!

Another great workout video challenge has come to an end! This past Saturday was the last day of my Turbo Fire challenge. I won’t lie, I’m glad it is over! Not because I didn’t like Turbo Fire, but because I was just kind of getting sick of it. Lol.

90 Days is a super long time for a challenge and since I have exercise ADD, it didn’t help. Towards the end it became much more easy to skip out on workouts and do something else. There were a couple of days that I did some Jillian DVDs along with them because I just didn’t feel like doing parts of the Turbo Fire workouts. Also, my foot injury put a damper on the challenge and made it hard to get back into my full groove after it was healed.

But for the most part, I did all the Turbo Fire workouts, which I am a pretty big fan of! These past 30 days reintroduced the HIIT workouts, which are some of my favorites. I love that they are short, but still super tough.

My all time favorite workout though was Fire 45, it had some really fun moves and great music. I can be caught singing “Boom I got your boyfriend” at various time throughout my day. I never really became a fan of the Fire 55 video though. Not because it was tough or the music sucked, it actually had some great moves too. But, for some reason the thought of 55 minutes of cardio seemed daunting to me. I probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it if it was labeled differently, totally a psychological thing. Lol.

I also lost my interest in the sculpting and toning videos after a few times of doing them. I just didn’t feel like I was getting a good enough ‘burn’ from the resistance bands. So a few times I skipped them and did Jillian’s Ripped in 30 instead. I’m sure if I would have gotten a stronger band it would have helped, but the one that came with the kit sure wasn’t enough for me towards the end.

All in all I did really enjoy Turbo Fire and the different types of workouts. I will be incorporating them into my regular workout schedule for cardio and will totally be doing the HIIT when I need a quick workout.


* The music is great and really upbeat. Since you were doing a different video everyday, you really didn’t get sick of the music like in a Jillian DVD
* Chalene was super encouraging throughout the workouts and not ‘mean.’
* There was a girl (Ali), who always showed you the low impact version of the moves which helped when I was dealing with my foot injury.
* The moves were easy to follow after a few times and learning the terminology. There were also breakdowns of each Fire workout to learn the moves too, which helped a lot.


* I am not a fan of workout DVDs that show a countdown timer. Sometimes I felt like I’d check it every 30 seconds on days I just didn’t feel like working out. There were also days where I didn’t even pay attention to it.
* The sculpting and toning videos were fine in the beginning, but soon didn’t seem challenging enough
* I didn’t like how the core video didn’t make an appearance in the last 30 days.
* There was one annoying chick who was in the front row of the videos who seemed WAY to energized to be doing the workouts. Lol
* Sometimes Chalene said some really cheesy things, but by the end I was saying them along with her. ;)

All in all it is a great workout program and I do recommend it for anyone who already has been exercising for a while. The only workouts you may have trouble doing would be the HIIT videos. But, in the book you get with the program, there is a 9 week prep workout schedule that helps get you prepared for the HIIT workouts. I also totally suggest wearing shoes, at least during HIIT because you don’t want to end up with a foot injury like me. Although  I will say that moving around on the carpet is tough with shoes. But, I got over it. ;)

Now here’s the part you’ve all really been waiting for….results!

Brooke: Not On A Diet's Turbo Fire Results

Brooke: Not On A Diet's Turbo Fire Results

Brooke: Not On A Diet's Turbo Fire Results


Final measurements:

Calf: 15 1/4″
Thigh: 20″
Hips: 38″
Waist: 30″
Arm: 11″
Bust: 34″
Weight: 151.8

I lost a total of 9 inches and 11 pounds! Pretty freaking impressive if you ask me! ;) My stomach looks much more tight to me which makes me extremely happy and my butt looks great!

My next challenge will be announced next week and this one Mr. B will be joining me! :) Can’t wait to share with you guys!

I was given Turbo Fire from a reader. All thoughts and experiences are my own. If you’d like to order your own copy of Turbo Fire, you can find it here. Also, please remember I am not a fitness expert, so workout at your own risk after consulting your doctor.