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It’s Baaaaack!! #AwesomeByAugust!

Remember this awesome icon from last year?

Well, Awesome By August is back for another year! Some things have changed so, listen up!

First off, we have our own Facebook page where we’ll be having the weekly weigh ins and a place to offer support to each other.

Sign up is from today until Tuesday (7/12) 10pm ET time, all you have to do is post your starting weight and a goal you want to accomplish during the 4 weeks of the competition. This goal is to be non-weight related! So, maybe you want to run a mile, maybe you want to lose 3 inches of your body, or maybe you just want to cook dinner 3 nights a week. Just come up with a goal! :)

Weekly weigh ins will be posted on the Facebook page also. You MUST post your weight if you want to win prizes. Weigh ins must be posted by Monday at midnight ET!

Speaking of prizes, we’ll be doing a drawing every week for someone to win a prize. This will be at random, not by who is losing the most weight. And at the end of the four weeks, there will be a bigger prize drawing for people who have participated EVERY week.

There will also be a couple of Twitter chats to see how people are doing. And if you use Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag #awesomebyaugust when talking about the competition!

Also, be sure to make use of the Facebook page. Need advice? Post on the wall. Just had a kick ass workout? Post on the wall! We’re all here for you! :)

Oh, this runs from 7/11/11-8/8/11! Make sure you get those weigh ins in!!

Now, Steve, Kerri, and I stress that this is a HEALTHY and fun weight loss competition. We all need support sometimes, so please be supportive and be smart about the competition. Let’s all be Awesome by August!!

Weekly Weigh In: A Little Family Competition Edition

Starting Weight: 327.6
Current Weight: 207.0
Last Week: 204.4
Loss/Gain: +2.6
Total Loss: 120.6

Ya, I really don’t want to discuss my weigh in this week. I tracked, I worked out, and stayed on plan. The gain has no explanation. So I’m going to do some pouting, then get over it and partake in some competition.


My sister was talking to me the other day and said that she needed some motivation to get back on track. My mom has mentioned needing a boost before too. And it’s pretty obvious that I need something lately.

All this talk led me to think that we need a little friendly competition to get us all back on track. And this led to putting together the first ever:

The Three B’s Biggest Loser Competition

It goes from today (April 8th) until May 6th. Weigh ins are on Fridays and the person to lose the most percentage of weight within those 4 weeks wins!! The winner gets $60 to their favorite store.

Now to introduce the competitors:

First up is Mama B:

Starting Weight: 217

And there’s Lil B:

Starting Weight: 134

And last but not least, there’s Brookie B:

Starting Weight: 207

So here’s to an awesome competition….let’s face it, I’m gonna win. :) Make sure you stay tuned to see our progress!!


Oh and for the heck of it, here’s a new side by side…

That’s me down 120lbs!

Do you think a little competition is a good way for you to get back on track?