First-Time Breastfeeding Mom Wish List

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Medela through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Medela all opinions are my own.

I have always known that when Mr. B and I had kids that I would do my best to breastfeed them. There are just so many benefits to breastfeeding! Some of the ones that really stuck out to me as a benefit are it helps with mine and the baby’s health, the skin-to-skin contact helps with bonding, and of course the savings with not having to buy formula.

Lately, I have been reading up a lot on breastfeeding and it got me to thinking of what types of things I would need to make this process as best as I can for our little family. As many first-time moms, I worry that the process won’t be something that comes naturally, how will Mr. B feel about not getting to hold her as much since she’ll be relying on me for feedings, and the whole breastfeeding in public issue that you hear about lately.

Reading the different books and articles on the Medela website have really helped with some of those fears and I’ve learned things I didn’t even think about.

I have learned more about pumping as well and plan on doing that when I have to leave Baby B for an extended period of time or to give Mr. B the chance to feed and bond with her. After browsing the Medela website, I came up with a list of things I believe would make the pumping experience a more easy one.

#Sponsored First Time Breastfeeding Mom Wish List by Brooke: Not on a Diet

The Medela Pump In Style® Advanced breast pump

I’m lucky enough that this pump is one the my health insurance will cover (check your insurance, yours may be covered as well) for us. I like this one because it comes with the nice tote bag if I need to take it along with me somewhere.

Easy Expression™ Bustier

Who doesn’t like the idea of hands-free pumping? If I can pump and read (or play on Pinterest) at the same time, I’m down with that.

Medela Accessory Starter Set

This set comes with a lot of the basics you need to get started. There are cleaning bags, Pump & Save™ bags, nursing pads, and even a magnet to help you with correct storage of the breast milk that you pump.

Breastmilk Storage Solution™

I pretend to live in a world where I’m super organized and when I have the right tools (and use them), I can be. I love this set appears to make it easy to be organized with bottles and the Pump & Save™ bags! There’s even a place to write when you pumped the milk into the bottle or bag.

Breastmilk Bottles

Well, these are sort of given since I’ll (and Mr. B) need a way to feed Baby B the milk I pump. 😉 These are also nice because you can pump right into them and store it for later. I like how it’s all universal with the Medela pump system.

Another tool that Medela offers that I’ll be using is their My Medela App. I recently downloaded it on my phone and know it will be handy for when Baby B makes her entrance into the world. On the app you can track when you last breastfed, pumped, and even the times you changed the baby’s diaper. All important things to know to help you breastfeed along the way. There are even some great articles to read, as well as a place to answer any troubleshooting problems you may be having.

I know this isn’t a total list of all the things I may need throughout our breastfeeding journey, but I feel it could be a great start!

If you have breastfed, what would you include on the list?