Guest Post: Danielle

Hey everyone, welcome Danielle from Mayor of the Bux! She’s pretty awesome! I’ve been chatting with her for about a year now via BBM and have enjoyed her friendship. Today I’m doing some shopping and then hopefully going to take some pictures of B-Fry skiing. Still loving it here, haven’t decided if I want to return to Iowa or not!

I have to start out with how much I adore Brooke, she was my blackberry messenger buddy this summer and now we text one another randomly when life needed clarity or just another perspective. Of course you already know how cool she is… you’re reading this

There is a world where I am perfect. I say the right things. I wear the right clothes and I eat like a normal person and life is perfect… And then I realize that when life looks perfect… something isn’t right or I’m not being honest with myself.

I’m an emotional eater and most day’s I have control. I know that it’s a day by day process and that I’m better than food. But then there are the day’s when I’m not perfect and I forget that it’s a day by day process… I think I don’t have to write that bite down or account for the roll I just ate, and the slippery slope begins. Last year I discovered a love for the gym and boot camp and that I actually could push my body further than it had been pushed in a very long time. This year I’m going to add to that and continue to learn that I can have a healthy relationship with food.

This year I started the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program… that’s a mouthful. But I did. I needed someone, preferably a stranger, who could keep me accountable and point me in the right direction. And it’s helping, I’m preparing and planning and actually eating the good stuff.

Now, there are days when I mess up.. but it’s just a day and I know that I can start over.

I’m also learning that I have emo triggers.

1. When I get frustrated and I lose control of a situation.

2. When I am lonely

3. When I feel like something is spiraling out of my control…

4. Basically anytime I lose control of a situation.

So what does that mean? Well first I have to learn that life is messy and it’s okay. I also know that I have an incredible community of twitter’ers and bloggers who encourage and understand where I am.

AND, I am learning that it’s okay to tell people that I’m taking a proverbial step back, that I’m having a tough day… that admitting that doesn’t make me weak, but it makes me human and just like many other people. So, here is to a better year, a better plan and trusting myself a bit more. It’s kinda nice to see the healthy side of things.

Guest Post: I Don’t Want To Go Shopping

While I'm enjoying this view, enjoy this post from Cynthia!

Hi everyone, I’m Cynthia from It All Changes. I love to share about all the ups – and downs – of living a healthy lifestyle on the roller coaster we call life.

Thanks to Brooke for letting me guest post while she enjoys her fabulous vacation. She needs a break after the crazy Christmas time…trust me I know.

Like Brooke I dropped a lot of weight. I lost some with calorie counting and the rest with Weight Watchers. Losing weight was great. I felt stronger, healthier and could actually live my life. There was one.little.thing I hated about losing weight….


You’re probably thinking that new clothes is the BEST part of losing weight. As kids we love “school clothes shopping” and Santa always brought new clothes to wear – unless they were socks and underwear from Grandma. So why doesn’t a grown woman love clothes shopping?

It’s the in between stages.

When losing over 100 pounds you don’t want to buy expensive pieces that only fit for a few months. During the 2 years it took me to lose the weight I shopped the Salvation Army Family Stores aka Thrift Stores, sale racks, and outlets. The best was when I could shop out of friends closets. Anything could be replaced, even if I looked like a hot mess or something out of the 80’s. Thank God those pictures are missing.

Then there’s the one thing that is an absolute nightmare to replace. Boys avert your eyes… BRAS! Oh yes I said it.

Fit, cost, and comfort never work when you go from a 44DDD to something quite a bit smaller and sometimes every size in between. Oh why can’t a size be a size be a size. A size 12 jeans don’t fit the same brand to brand so why should a bra. Can’t they be as simple as men’s pants?

I spent months avoiding the lingerie section, until it was apparent I needed some new undergarments.

Where was grandma for Christmas that year?

I prayed they’d hold up – literally – until I was at GOAL and wouldn’t need to torture myself this way anymore…unless I wanted something nice and new.

Then came GOAL and maintenance brought a whole other set of challenges. The old adage that they are the “first place you lose weight and the last place you gain” works in reverse for me. While others have a stack of jeans they fit into at different weights – heck different times of the month – I have a stack of bras.

Don’t even get me started on sports bras. I don’t want to give myself a black eye so I have to wear two. Double the trouble double the fun? Heck it’s all double the cost. I think Lulu lemon and their Tata Tamer own me…or at least my first born.

Despite all my qualms about shopping of any kind I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I love the new me and just look forward to the Victoria Secret’s Semi-annual sale.

What would be the hardest thing for you to replace from your wardrobe?

Guest Post: I Believe She’s Wonder Woman

As I’m enjoying the amazing town of Breckenridge and getting used to the high altitude, here’s my amazing sister! She’s my very best friend and I love her to pieces!


I am Tracey. I am Brooke’s AMAZING sister.

The other day Brooke asked me to type up a blog post so that she can put it as a guest post while she is away at Colorado. When she asked I instantly thought “What do you even want me to write about?” and it didn’t take long for Brooke to respond back with a very modest reply “about me of course.”

So here I go.

What Brooke means to me.

Basically my whole entire life (well for as long as I can remember) I always said that Brooke is my hero…

I actually really think that she is Wonder Woman (hence the title of this blog entry)

Now…you all know that Brooke has always struggled with her weight. I never understood why because our parents weren’t feeding her HoHos, buckets of lard, and shoving soda down her throat. She ate the same things my brother and I did (which definitely were not the items I listed above). While growing up I always struggled to understand…but I didn’t think it mattered because whenever I saw my sister I didn’t see all of her extra weight…I saw her as my gorgeous sister whom I loved to be around!

It was always hard for me when people made fun of Brooke and a lot of you probably think that the jokes were only directed towards her…but believe it or not people would actually say cruel things about her to me. This always upset me because they just assumed Brooke only ate Twinkies (which was actually what a bunch of cruel girls said to me). I never understood why people didn’t see Brooke the way I did…it never made sense to me at all.

I think Brooke is Wonder Woman because she has broken through all the barriers that she has ever been given. She has lost an incredible 125 pounds in 2 years. She has overcome people’s cruel jokes, nasty looks, and stereotypes about who she is. She grabbed ahold of her life and isn’t going to settle for anything short of her goals. She has always been my best friend and I have always been able to rely on her for anything that has ever upset me. She has a heart of pure 18k gold. I have always loved who Brooke is…but I absolutely LOVE who she is now. She is the person I always knew she was but now she can shine and show the world.

To Brooke: I love you more than you will ever know. I want to thank you for all the years you saved me from the cruel fake people who were constantly in my life. I have always been able to count on you and I am thankful for that. My life would be so lame and boring without our fun photo shoots and random drives around random towns listening to RANDOM songs. I wish only the BEST for you in everything you do. I also miss you every day (since I moved to the ‘Loo). I can’t wait til I see you again in our completely MATCHING clothes…WE CAN DO THAT NOW! 🙂

To Brooke’s Readers: I would like to share some of my favorite pictures of Brooke and I…and also NEVER STOP READING THIS BLOG! 🙂

This picture is old, but def a fave!

This is what we do on a boring Tuesday night! 🙂

"We Sure Are Cute For Two Ugly People"