FMM: My Dream Mate

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FMM: Describe Your Dream Mate
Now, if you know me or have ever read a blog entry, you know that I’ve found my dream mate. It’s this guy right here:


B-Fry is the guy for me. He’s the guy I love more than anything in the world. He’s the guy who makes me smile, laugh, feel extremely loved, and things I’m the sexiest when I first wake up (morning breath and all). There are a million reasons he’s my dream mate, but here are a few!
Can Rock Out A Great Workout!

Knows how to cook!


Making Smore Crepes!


And Grill!

Buys Me Flowers

Will Ride the Ferris Wheel, Even If He is Afraid of Heights!

Drives a Pretty Sweet Jeep

Has a Great Family

Big Kid at Heart




Lincoln Logs!

Takes Pictures of Me Laughing and Finds Them to Be the Best

Plays Board Games with Me

Knows that it is All About the Presentaion

Potatoes Do Taste Better When Shaped Like A Heart


Enjoys a Good Concert

Waiting for MGMT at Lolla

Will Take Goofy Pictures with Me

Dresses Extremely Well

Makes Me Laugh

But Most Importantly, He Loves Me for Me

Guest Post: Grandpa & Grandma Love

Everyone welcome the infamous B-Fry! If this post doesn’t prove why I love this man, nothing will. I cry everytime I read it! Now excuse me while I go have some fun in the snow!

Brooke…..There aren’t many things that I can say that have not already been said. Amazing, inspirational, role model, talented, smart, sharing, artsy and crafty (yeah, yeah, same thing) but she is. The most important is that she is beautiful and the love of my life.

Most people go through life trying to find their true love and true love to me is called Grandma and Grandpa Love. Let me explain a bit….My Grandma and Grandpa are the people that you see in movies, TV shows, and just on the street that you look at and you just know that they were meant to be and are madly in love. The kind of love were they finish each other’s sentences without any hesitation. Now everyone wants this love and would be crazy not to but how many people do you actually believe find it? Maybe you, maybe your parents, or even your Grandparents, well blog readers this guest blogger found it and her name happens to be Brooke.

I was never a blog reader and to tell you the truth, I didn’t exactly know what they were all about. Let’s just say that I didn’t really know what they were all about until I read this blog. Brooke gave me the perfect example to what blogs are all about. Inspiration is a perfect word when it comes to Brooke’s blog and I am sure you all can figure out why it is the perfect word. This blog may be about losing weight but it is about so much more…….just life and how important it is and how the littlest things can make the biggest impact. This blog is really a story and could even be a Disney movie, a story that my love of my life is able to share with really anyone in this world. Its makes me feel pretty special that I am part of this amazing story.

To all of Brooke’s readers…..thank you for being part of this amazing journey.

‘Til my next guest post,

B-Fry, AKA……..just kidding

Guest Post: Danielle

Hey everyone, welcome Danielle from Mayor of the Bux! She’s pretty awesome! I’ve been chatting with her for about a year now via BBM and have enjoyed her friendship. Today I’m doing some shopping and then hopefully going to take some pictures of B-Fry skiing. Still loving it here, haven’t decided if I want to return to Iowa or not!

I have to start out with how much I adore Brooke, she was my blackberry messenger buddy this summer and now we text one another randomly when life needed clarity or just another perspective. Of course you already know how cool she is… you’re reading this

There is a world where I am perfect. I say the right things. I wear the right clothes and I eat like a normal person and life is perfect… And then I realize that when life looks perfect… something isn’t right or I’m not being honest with myself.

I’m an emotional eater and most day’s I have control. I know that it’s a day by day process and that I’m better than food. But then there are the day’s when I’m not perfect and I forget that it’s a day by day process… I think I don’t have to write that bite down or account for the roll I just ate, and the slippery slope begins. Last year I discovered a love for the gym and boot camp and that I actually could push my body further than it had been pushed in a very long time. This year I’m going to add to that and continue to learn that I can have a healthy relationship with food.

This year I started the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program… that’s a mouthful. But I did. I needed someone, preferably a stranger, who could keep me accountable and point me in the right direction. And it’s helping, I’m preparing and planning and actually eating the good stuff.

Now, there are days when I mess up.. but it’s just a day and I know that I can start over.

I’m also learning that I have emo triggers.

1. When I get frustrated and I lose control of a situation.

2. When I am lonely

3. When I feel like something is spiraling out of my control…

4. Basically anytime I lose control of a situation.

So what does that mean? Well first I have to learn that life is messy and it’s okay. I also know that I have an incredible community of twitter’ers and bloggers who encourage and understand where I am.

AND, I am learning that it’s okay to tell people that I’m taking a proverbial step back, that I’m having a tough day… that admitting that doesn’t make me weak, but it makes me human and just like many other people. So, here is to a better year, a better plan and trusting myself a bit more. It’s kinda nice to see the healthy side of things.