Second Trimester Must Haves

Second Trimester Must Haves by Brooke: Not on a Diet

It is hard to believe that I’m just now into the third trimester, it seems like I was just telling Mr. B that we were pregnant. Now we have around 12 weeks to go! Much like my first trimester, the second wasn’t too bad either. I finally feel like I have some energy to do things other than sleep all the time. Trust me, I’m still taking naps, as sleeping at night is becoming a bit of an issue.

But, I will talk more about that in my next bump update! Today I want to share some of the things that have helped me manage the last few months.

Bubble Baths

I cannot get enough of soaking in the tub, especially with great smelling bubbles! Baby B enjoys them as well, as she gets to kicking every time I’m in the tub. My favorites are the French Lavender & Honey and Mad About You from Bath & Body Works.

Tums Smoothies

Heartburn has become very real. The most basic things like water seem to cause it and these Tums come in handy when it happens. I like the smoothie ones because they don’t taste as chalky as the original ones.

Yoga Mat

I’ve been LOVING my yoga classes over the last few months. I started off at Indigo with a gentle yoga class, but have recently switch over to a prenatal yoga class at Shine. Both have been super beneficial to stretching and relaxing my ever-changing body. Baby B enjoys her Savasana. 😉

Lemon Greek Yogurt

This yogurt with blueberries is one of my favorite snacks. Although, I’m not going to say no to any yogurt.

FitBit Charge HR

Now that I have the energy, I’ve really been trying to focus on getting in my steps. Having my FitBit really helps keep me on track, especially when I’m in a challenge with others.

Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve been reading a lot of childbirth and breastfeeding books lately. I love being able to do it on my Kindle too! It’s super portable and I can read in bed when I can’t sleep without disturbing Mr. B!

Anything you would add to my must have list?
Any book recommendations that I should read?

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Baby B is a……

Last week, I gave you all an update on Baby B and mentioned that we would be having our gender reveal party on Sunday. A lot of you gave your vote over on Facebook, with boy just barely in the lead.

It really felt like Sunday would never get here and I woke up on Saturday thinking that it was Sunday, only to be slightly disappointed that it wasn’t. I cured that by baking some cupcakes for the party though!


I made these hummingbird cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker and my sister made strawberry lemonade cupcakes. Both were utterly delicious! We also killed time on Saturday getting our nails done for the party. 🙂


I really didn’t sleep too well on Saturday night, as I was excited. Finally what seemed like forever, it was time to head to our party place. We got everything set up and “patiently” waited for everyone to arrive.

Pink or Blue

People started arriving and enjoying some snacks while I felt like I just wanted to accidentally fall into our cakes. 😉


It came to the point where we couldn’t handle it anymore, so it was time to cut the cake! After a few more photos and strict instructions on how to cut the cake correctly (apparently there are videos on how to cut a gender reveal cake), we had a countdown to find out the news!

Baby B’s a girl!!

It's a girl!

As is my sister and BIL’s baby! How crazy is that?! She thought for sure they were having a boy, so she was quite shocked! Haha.

Girls, girls, girls

Mr. B and I are so incredibly thrilled to welcome a little girl in our lives! I cannot wait to do some shopping! 😉

Bump Update: Week 21

Bump Update: Week 21


How far along? We hit 21 weeks on Sunday! How is this already more than halfway over?!

How big is Baby B? According to my Ovia App, Baby B is the size of a baby bok choy, a baseball hat, or a weasel. If you ask me, that’s a pretty wide range of sizes!

Maternity clothes? Yes! Maternity jeans are comfy, you guys! I also finally caved and got some maternity/nursing bras. Not sure why I didn’t do this again sooner, they’re super comfy than trying to shove the girls in a regular bra. I have some super cute tops I got at the Motherhood Outlet in Omaha as well.

Sleep? MUCH better after we invested in a Serta Memory Foam 4 inch Mattress Pad from Kohl’s this past weekend. It is like sleeping on a cloud, well what I imagine a cloud to feel like. Bonus, they were 1/2 off last weekend as well!

Best moment this week? We started our registry! I cannot believe how much stuff a little human needs! It was a lot of fun to hit up Target and Babies-R-Us to add some super cute things to our list.

Food cravings? I’m loving banana peppers, lemonade, and carbs.

Food aversions? None, there are some smells I don’t care for though. Strong coffee and beer are gross to me.

Gender? We find out Sunday at our gender reveal party!

Labor signs? None, which I hope remains that way for quite some time!

Belly button in or out? Still in!

What I miss? Sushi! I would kill for some tuna right now. I would also really like a nice dark, chocolately stout. Oh and not getting so short of breath would be nice too! 😉

What I’m looking forward to? I cannot wait for Sunday to see if Baby B is a boy or girl! I’m thinking girl and Mr. B was thinking boy, but has recently come to the pink side.

Milestones? Baby B is quite the tumbler! Cannot believe how much this little one moves!

Bump? Very present!


So, I’m interested to hear what you guys think Baby B is! To help you out, I thought I would give you some of my answers to those old wives tales!

Heartbeat: Girl (154)

Cravings: Boy/Girl (I’m liking salty & sweet)

Morning Sickness: Girl (I didn’t have it rough at all)

Skin: Boy (Dry! Not enough lotion to help)

Clumsy or Graceful: Boy (I feel like I drop things often and my balance is gone)

Chinese Calendar: Boy

Share below what you think Baby B is and come back on Monday to find out!