Springing Into Action

Do you know that most people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions?

Have you?

I didn’t really set any this year because I usually forget by now what I even set. So, I figured I wouldn’t bother and just set little goals throughout the year to keep me motivated and moving forward.

Sometimes I (we) need encouragement to keep chasing those goals, so I set up a couple of games to help with that!

First up, I’m hosting a StepBet! I hosted one last fall and had fun with it.

Basically, they give you a goal to reach for based on your step data. You have an active goal to hit 4 days and a stretch goal to hit 2 days. Hit the goals each week and you will win money!

If you’re more focused on your weight loss goals, then you might be interested in the DietBet I’m also hosting! Join, lose 4% of your starting weight and win money!

I will also be giving away Amazon gift cards each week for those who enter!

Join StepBet

Join DietBet

So, come join either bet or BOTH! I’ll be participating in both bets and posting other great goodies like recipes, tips, and encouragement along the way.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

So the Woman’s Day cover happened and I soon got a whirlwind of media requests!

I was featured in the Dispatch-Argus on Tuesday. (Article here!)

Monday I had a camera guy at my house and was featured on our local news channel!News and Weather For The Quad Cities –

And today I’m on the front page of the Quad City Times! (article here!)


So of any of you are finding me because of all the local love, welcome!

If you see me at Fitbloggin…

….I’m really kinda shy, so don’t hesitate to say hello!

….Don’t be offended if I don’t recognize you. It’s hard connecting online faces to real ones!

….I’ll probably ramble on about something silly just to calm my nerves.

….feel free to join the group I’m in, I promise we will welcome you.

….I’m all about hugs, so be prepared for one.

….I haven’t kept up with reading other blogs, so if I don’t know yours, introduce it to me!

….watch out for my broken toe!

I cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces! I love getting together with ‘my people’!!