10 Non-Meat Sources of Protein

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One thing that I have been focusing on the past 3 months of my pregnancy is how much protein I am getting. I figured I was getting enough, but I wanted a solid number. I asked my doctor what I should be aiming for daily and she came back with the equation that for every kilogram I weigh, I should have a 1.1 grams of protein. (I’m not sure where she got this calculation, but I trust her advice. Also, if you want your most accurate number to reach, talk to your doc!) This means for me, I should be getting roughly 80 grams of protein a day.

Now, that seems like a lot. But when I started keeping track of it, I realized that I was hitting it much more easily than I thought. I do get some seafood, so I know I get my protein there, but I don’t eat it ALL the time. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite sources for protein that have nothing to do with meat!


1. Egg (6g per egg)

I love having hard-boiled eggs on hand for quick grab-n-go snacks or to top on a salad! If you haven’t discovered that you can do these in the oven, YOU MUST! I follow these simple instructions from A Beautiful Mess!

2. Peanut Butter (7g per 2 Tablespoons)

Who doesn’t love some peanut butter? (Well besides if you’re allergic!) On a spoon out of the jar, melted over a banana, mixed in oatmeal, on a pb & j….really is there a BAD way to enjoy peanut butter?


3. Broccoli (6g per cup)

Not the most obvious food I think you would find protein in, but some plants do have it! I eat this raw dipped in hummus with my lunch.

4. Quinoa (8g per cup)

This is one of those foods I tend to forget about usually. The thing is I love the stuff! I use it in place of rice, but one of my favorite recipes using quinoa are these stuffed peppers from the Skinnytaste cookbook!


5. Almonds (6g per ounce)

These are the perfect snack to have on hand! I keep many of the Blue Diamond flavors on hand and will throw a baggie full into my purse when out and about. Currently I cannot get enough of the lightly salted mixed with mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries. Ooooo….maybe I’ll have a whip up a batch of these granola bars again!

6. Egg Whites (26g per cup)

I eat a cup of egg whites almost every morning for breakfast. A little salt, pepper, & cheese are all I need to get in almost 1/2 of my daily protein requirement. I just buy them in the carton so I’m not wasting any yolks! Easy and tasty!


7. Whole Wheat Spaghetti (7g per cooked cup)

Mmmmm….pasta! Baby B love spicy things and carbs. I use spaghetti mostly in the traditional sense, as it is easy to whip together a batch of spaghetti!

8. Tofu (20g per cup)

I have yet to master the art of tofu in my own home. I’ve tried with some luck, but usually leave it to the pros at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. I do not know their secrets of how to get it SO crispy! If there’s tofu on the menu, I guarantee you I’m going to order it.


9. Black Beans (21g per 1/2 cup)

Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the closer you get to amping up your protein! 😉 I can eat these plain on a salad or mixed with some peppers & onions to make a quick taco mix.

10. Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (25g per cup)

I’m sloooooooowly hopping on the greek yogurt train. I’m not the hugest fan, but you can’t deny those protein benefits! Right now I’m enjoying a whipped flavored version of greek yogurt that has about 1/2 the protein. It works though!

What are some of your favorite non-meat sources of protein?

Source used to find protein totals was the USDA website

10 Non-Meat Sources of Protein by Brooke: Not on a Diet

What’s for Dinner 11/9-11/13

What's for Dinner 11/9-11/13

Monday- Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup & Grilled Cheese
Tuesday- Spaghetti using spaghetti squash
Wednesday- 15 Minute Mushroom Stroganoff
Thursday- Salmon with veggies
Friday- Clam Chowder (from Weight Watchers All-American Comfort cookbook)

Move Your Body 11/9-11/13

Monday- Walk Away the Pounds dvd
Tuesday- Strength workout from Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises & walk
Wednesday- Yoga
Thursday- Strength workout (either 21 Day Fix Upper or from Big Book of Exercises)
Friday- Zumba on Xbox 360

What does your week look like?

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What’s for Dinner 11/2-11/6

I love menu planning. It is something I have done for years and find it very helpful! It helps Mr. B to get dinner started when I’m heading home from work and helps keep the eating out to a minimum. I thought I would start sharing with you all what’s for dinner each Monday along with my plan for activity!

What's for Dinner (11/2-11/6) by Brooke: Not On a Diet
I will share the recipes if available

Monday- Tilapia w/ baked potato & veggies
Tuesday- Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa
Wednesday- English muffin pizzas w/ salad
Thursday- Garlic Seared Shrimp w/ couscous
Friday- Clam Chowder (from Weight Watchers All-American Comfort cookbook)

Move Your Body (11/2-11/6) by Brooke: Not On a Diet

Monday- Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Level 1
Tuesday- 21 Day Fix Lower & Upper Fix
Wednesday- One Week Shred Cardio
Thursday- One Week Shred Strength
Friday- Yoga (hopefully a class depending on my work schedule!)

What are your plans for the week?

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