I’m Certified!

Sometime either during the majority of my weight loss journey or shortly after, I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer. It was a dream that sat in the back of my head, but didn’t get much further than that. I would talk about the dream with others, never acting upon it.

I would peruse the multiple sites you could earn a certification from, comparing everything, adding up the costs, and even got super close to making the purchase. Then my anxiety would build up and I’d be back at square one.

It went on this way for a couple of years.

Then last May, I went to a paranormal/psychic expo where I heard a talk from a couple of ladies who talked about listening to your intuition and signs from the universe. I left that expo with that in the back of my head and just a few days later when getting SUPER anxious about making the leap, a dime appeared from the Universe.

I made the purchase, received the material, and hit the books pretty hard. Then I got to the Essentials of Exercise Science book, which was HARD! I tried to stick with it, but it just got too overwhelming for me and I stopped. I would come back to it every few weeks, only to discover it wasn’t getting any more easy to understand.

Soon it was the beginning of the year and my exam was a few months away. I did my best to get back to studying and would do good for a few days, only to become occupied with other things. Before I knew it, it was March and it was just a few weeks before my exam.

I knew I wasn’t prepared and rescheduled it for a fee. I wanted to choose a new date that was after Baby B’s birth, but I could only go out a few months. So, I picked the very last day that I could.

I got back to studying off and on until the end of April/beginning of May where I began to really bust my butt with studying. I struggled through the Essentials of Exercise Science book, but I did it. After getting through that, the rest of it was pretty much a breeze.

In what felt like a blink of an eye, I was only a few days out from the test. I really busted by butt learning all that I could with staying up late the night before the test and was up early the morning of going back through what I knew was a week spot for me.

Last Wednesday, I made my way to Iowa City for the exam. After trying to figure out parking, (why is this ALWAYS so difficult?) I made my way to the center, and tried my best not to freak out.

I sat down at the computer and began the exam. Thankfully it wasn’t as hard as I originally made it out to be and took my time with each question. And loved that I had the ability to flag questions to come back to that I was really having trouble with.

Things I didn’t love, the VERY fidgety girl sitting within my eye sight. :p

After working through the all 150 questions, I said a lil prayer, and submitted my exam. I was then told immediately that I PASSED!

I did my best to hold my composure in the exam room, got my print out, and dashed out of the building to my car where I had a little dance party. I called Mr. B to tell him the good news and sat in the parking garage in shock for a bit.

Then I made my way to the hospital where I got to visit my adorable niece!


Talk about the perfect way to celebrate! 🙂

I’m really pumped to finally be an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and my plan is to bring online services to my readers. I don’t know exactly what that will look like yet, but I’m excited to share it with you and further work on my dream of becoming my own version of Jillian Michaels.


What dreams are you chasing after?

Whatever it may be, don’t give up! Hard work does pay off!

A Real Pain In the Ankle

On Friday I got an email from my friends over at Bowflex asking if I wanted to take part in their Summer Strong challenge. I was super excited as I love cardio, but I really do enjoy working on my strength as well.

My favorite part of the challenge is that Bowflex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland designed the challenge to take only 5 minutes a day.

5 minutes day, people!


They are also sending me their Bowflex SelectTech® 552 dumbbells and a 30-day supply of Bowflex Body™ protein powder (which I already have some and have been creating smoothie recipes to share soon!).

Just what I needed to help with give this challenge my all!

Then this happened….


I was getting down with my bad self doing some skater jumps during the 21 Day Fix Cardio video. Nothing too crazy or intense, but I went to jump to my left foot when I hear a snap, crackle, and pop. I fall to the ground with a bunch of expletives coming out of my mouth.

I call Mr. B (and my mom) to say that I think I have sprained my ankle. I hobble to the kitchen, able to put weight on my foot with not much pain. I got an ice pack and by the time I got back to the living room, my ankle looked like the above. I continued to walk on it as I didn’t have any pain.

Mr. B came home and we headed to the walk-in clinic where they told me that I had broken my fibula. They gave me a lovely air cast and an appointment for the orthopedic doctor on Monday. Oh and strict instructions not to put any weight on it.

Not being able to put weight on the ankle was quite the challenge, but Mr. B was a HUGE help. And I found that getting around on crutches is MUCH more easy when you are a fit person. My right leg and arms are going to be huge! Haha.

Being confined to the couch and bedroom all weekend was a pain, but thankfully my family came over on Saturday to celebrate some birthdays. Oh and my sister and brother-in-law got a new corgi puppy, Franklin. Who doesn’t love puppy breath and snuggles?


So, it was nice to have the company and I did make it outside to enjoy a bonfire. All that activity caused me to be in pain a lot of Sunday. Mr. B was a great guy and even got up at 5:30 to get me some pain meds on Sunday morning. I spent much of the day in bed watching Mad Men and knitting.

Yesterday was the appointment with the orthopedic doctor, which I was nervous about. There was the chance that this injury could end up in surgery. Thankfully, the doctor had nothing but good news for me. He discovered that the ‘break’ was actually just a chipped fibula that could have been done when I was younger (I have injured my ankles multiple times). He took a few more x-rays to make sure that my bones weren’t separating. They weren’t, so he ordered a walking boot for two weeks and crutches for just one more week.


Not the sexiest boot I’ve owned, but I’ll take it over surgery! I’m glad that it is warmer weather out so I can wear all my dresses without worrying about having to work around the boot. And everything goes with black, right? 😉

Of course this means that my normal activity won’t be happening. This doesn’t mean that I can’t do other things though! I still have arms and abs that function!

This is where those Bowflex SelectTech® 552 dumbbells will come in handy! I also have the book Smart Girls Do Dumbbells which will be a great resource for strength exercises. And there is the 10 Minute Fix for Abs from the 21 Day Fix that I can do as well.

It’s not about being bummed about the things I cannot do, but finding the things that I can do. Any suggestions? I do know that I will be more than ready to get back to my daily walks! But healthy healing is more important that racking up the steps on my FitBit!

Will you be taking part in the Bowflex Summer Strong challenge? Click that link to head to their website, you can even win your own pair of SelectTech dumbbells!

Have you injured your ankle before, any tips? (I did discover that a plastic lawn chair makes showering MUCH more easy)

Half Recap

My mom and I woke up Sunday morning half-marathoners. We can officially display our 13.1 stickers proudly and hang up our medals with pride.

I started toying with the idea of doing a half last year, but never got around to it because I honestly wasn’t quite sure if I could do it. When I put it out there this year, I convinced my mom to do it with me. I knew that it would be a bit easier with a partner in crime.

I announced that we would started training in August and we kept up with it pretty consistently. We’d meet every Wednesday and Sunday to get in our mileage. Then before we knew it, the big day was here!

We met Saturday at our finish line to drive to our start line in Bettendorf. We were off on our walk a little after 10:00am.


Mom and I chatted along the way and said “Good morning” to all who passed and joked that we would have to switch to “Good afternoon” before we finished. After the first 5-6 miles, we chowed down on our KIND bars we had packed and put in our earbuds to get us through the rest of the way.

Mama B’s choice was Shinedown, while mine was a new to me podcast called Serial. If you get a chance, give it a listen! On the podcast they’re telling a non-fiction story one week at a time. The story they are currently telling is one about a girl who was murdered in Baltimore back in 1999. I spent much of the time trying to figure out “whodunit.” It really made the time go by a bit easier.

Along the way there were a couple of bathroom stops, including one with these oversized lawn chairs! Of course we had to stop and take some pictures! 🙂


We kept trucking along and then mile 10 hit. All of the sudden the back of my knees were killing me, so I stopped and did some stretching. It was a bit better, but was still annoying. Around this time we also encountered uncharted territory on the Duck Creek Bike Path. I had planned a route that didn’t have too many hills because those are never too much fun.

Well, we didn’t know that this part of the path had a few hills. And not exactly little ones either. We continued to push through and got to the point of the path were we needed to turn around. Heading back to our finish line was probably the longest part because we knew we’d be hitting a bridge to cross soon, but never seemed soon enough.

Finally we saw the bridge and we crossed it to see Mr. B and my dad sitting on a bench waiting for us. I shouted “Hey, we’ve made it!” and they got up to greet us with our medals. Mr. B also held a lunchbox with beer and wine for Mom and I.


After, hugs, pictures, and chugging of our beverages, we very gingerly walked to our cars.


We finished in a little over 4 hours which is what we were aiming for, so that was great. We didn’t get to rest too much after our half though because we had to make our way to a vintage market that my aunt was taking part in. We wore our medals to show off and were basically shuffling through the market. Lol.

The back of my knees were still sore on Sunday and I did a lot of foam rolling and stretching to make my calves not so tight. And I didn’t do any activity the last two days. Today I’m going to get back in the workout routine!

I also asked Mama B to do a little recap of her own to share with you guys, so here’s what she had to say about it all!

What an amazing day to do a half marathon! I woke up early on Saturday morning so excited about getting to do this with my daughter! I was filled with so many emotions because just three months ago I didn’t know if I would be here to do this. When Brooke came to me about doing it I agreed but in the back of my mind I thought no way I will ever be able to accomplish this! She handed me a training schedule and said it was important to follow it!

The more miles we walked I began to realize that we could do this and it was going to be a moment we would share forever! Along our walk we talked about everything and even made sure we had a great list of music and podcast to listen to as we continued on our 13.1 mile journey! The course was a little challenging with all the hill at the end ( Brooke promised me no hills) but she pushed and encouraged me the whole way!

At the end of our journey I came to realize that if you put your heart and soul into doing something you can do it! At the finish line we were greeted by our husbands and a few little surprise gifts from Brooke! I can finally put a 13.1 sticker on my car and know yes I did that!

I can’t imagine doing this with anyone other than Brooke she has always been a big supporter of mine in my journey!

I can’t even tell you guys how proud I am of my mom! Back in the beginning of August my mom had a bit of a medical hiccup. She discovered she had a brain aneurysm and needed surgery. She went in for surgery and had no issue, but afterwards in the hospital she suffered a mini stroke and had to spend a couple of nights in ICU. It was a scary few days in our worlds. My mom at that time didn’t think that doing a half-marathon was possible, but I kept pushing her along to do it.

When you have a goal in mind (whatever it may be) it is best to remember that you need to accomplish it on your terms. For us that meant walking a virtual half-marathon.

And we did it!


Thank you all for the support along the way! It meant a lot to Mama B and I as we got our training done and crossed that finish line!

There is A LOT more that I can say on the subject, but perhaps I’ll put that in another blog post. I will end it with this quote though:

The miracle isn't that I finished. The