Bump Update: Week 36

Bump Update: Week 36

How far along? We will officially be 37 weeks tomorrow. I think time has flown by up until this last week. Now I feel like it is taking forever.

Maternity clothes? Anything that doesn’t include pants is my current preference. Unless they’re yoga pants, I’ll never be sick of those. The skirt in the above picture has gotten a ton of use lately. So comfortable!

Sleep? Well, it is currently 4:00am as I’m writing this blog post. So, today sleep isn’t the best. I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well and often. Naps are glorious!

Best moment this week? We had our last childbirth class on Sunday! We passed and they’re going to let us leave the hospital with our baby! 😉 While it wasn’t the most fun to attend class on a Sunday afternoon, I’m really glad we did. All the little tips and tricks we learned on how to cope with labor will really be useful when the time comes!

Symptoms? I’m currently never cool enough. I have the air conditioning pretty much on full blast wherever I may be. I’m also tired often and find it hard to get comfortable with this bump in front.

Food cravings? I cannot get enough smoothies lately! I think I’ve had one for breakfast every day the last 2-3 weeks. My favorite combo lately is almond milk, oatmeal, banana, cinnamon, & vanilla protein powder. So tasty! Also, I love anything sweet. Ice cream….popsicles….candy…..I’m not too picky.

Food aversions? None that I can think of. I haven’t had too many of those throughout my pregnancy.

Gender? Still hoping she comes out a girl! 😉

Labor signs? I’ve had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions, but not too bad.

What I miss? I’m currently missing being able to move as easily as I used to. I miss not being sweaty over nothing as well. Oh and sushi….I want a spicy tuna roll SO BAD!

What I’m looking forward to? Besides seeing her for the first time, I’m excited for our couple’s shower tomorrow! I’m also excited to be done with work for a bit.

I cannot believe we are in the final weeks of pregnancy! It seems like we just announced it to the world and now we’re putting the final touches on her nursery. Which I cannot wait to show you guys! Speaking of that, I think I’ll go work on finishing her quilt!

What’s new in your world?
Any thing I should be doing these last few weeks of pregnancy?

  • Nothing in my world is as new and exciting as a baby!! So excited for you and the b-friend (Remember when you called him that?) I remember my first pregnancy (1972!), my son was born on August 6, and I sure suffered that summer. We didn’t even have AC in our little old “honeymoon” house, and finally I made my hubs go buy one of those little $100 room air conditioners for our bedroom so I could sleep. I think you’re looking fantastic. I was heavy during each of my pregnancies, progressively so, by the third pregnancy (in 1985-86), it got to the point where they were worried about my health during labor and delivery, but I was fine. I never “showed” like you do, because my over-all obesity hid it. I yearned to “look” pregnant, but I think most casual acquaintances were always surprised when they learned I’d had a baby, since they couldn’t even tell I was pregnant. Enjoy these last weeks child-free, go out on the spur of the moment, late at night, whenever, because those days are quickly ending.

  • Biz

    The time did go by fast, didn’t it?! And then all of a sudden you look at your daughter and she’s 24 and you wonder how that happened! I still can’t believe Hannah is 24 – seems like I was just picking her up from first grade! Hugs – you look beautiful!

  • You’re almost there!! I’m SO excited for you! I can’t imagine trying to stay cool when you’re full term right in the heat of summer. I’m even starting to have a problem with that without being pregnant. You look great! Can’t wait to see a photo of your beautiful baby B.

  • Troy M

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