Grab a Cup


Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) and have a seat.

Let’s catch up!

How have you been? I hope that the first few weeks of 2015 are treating you well. Did you get a chance to work out some things you want to accomplish this year? I always feel excited and overwhelmed with the new year and thinking of things to accomplish. I chose the word create for the year and really hope to live that word as much as possible. I want to hear about what you want out of 2015!

My big goal for the year is to get my personal training and health coaching certifications. I feel like there are really great things to come from them. Money and fear holds me back though. I fear that I will fail, that nobody will want to sign up for services I may offer, that the $1,300ish will be a waste. That I think the money could be used somewhere else and much of it has been sitting in my account just waiting. Fear is a crippling thing and it gets the best of me sometimes. What are your thoughts on this all? Do you have any fears that are holding you back that I can help you with?


Speaking of fear, Mr. B took me ice skating the other week. Yes, Mr. B who has played hockey for the majority of his life JUST took me ice skating for the first time. I dealt with the gut wrenching fear that I would make a fool of myself or that Mr. B would laugh at me because I had NO idea how to even walk in skates. Luckily, Mr. B isn’t the type to laugh at my inability to skate and was actually a great help. Although, he did promise that he wouldn’t let me fall….seconds before I did fall. πŸ™‚ I got the hang of it, as long as Mr. B had a hold of me. My tailbone is still a little sore though from the second fall I took. Afterwards though, I felt pretty awesome that I finally gave it a shot after being so nervous to do so. Hey, remind me next time that I’m fearing something like that, that it usually turns out pretty well. Would you like to join us next time?


How is your self-care going? I hope that you are taking care of yourself, as that is important to your overall health. I’ve been doing better with it the last couple of weeks. Things were crazy over the holidays and then I was sick, so a lot of things took a back burner. I’m back to my PiYo and cooking more at home again. I’m also taking the time to just sit and read as much as I can. Currently I’m reading Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. It’s not too bad. I also have The Body Book by Cameron Diaz on my nightstand, which I haven’t gotten deep into, but I think it is going to be a great read. Have you read anything good lately? Oooo…maybe we could start a book club. Would you be into that?


Did you see that I had a German TV station at my house last week? Man, what a day! I remember telling Mr. B that it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Ha! They got to the house around 2:00pm and filmed so much stuff. After a trip to their hotel to get some video of us in the pool and dinner, we got home around 11:00pm. It was exhausting, but I’m glad that my story made it over there. Also, did you hear what Mr. B said about my body? Gosh, he is the best! I can’t understand much else in the video, but it looked great. I do have to giggle though at all the stuff that DIDN’T make it into the piece. Oh and the shirt I’m wearing (Believe in your #selfie) I scored at Kohl’s for super cheap! I love it! Seriously, Kohl’s has some awesome deals sometimes! If you get a chance, check out the Christmas/Winter clearance for the Falling Snow candle. We love it and it smells SO GOOD! Have you scored any good deals lately?

Oh my, look at the time! I have to get ready for work and I’m sure that you need to get on your way as well! Stay in touch and let’s catch up again soon! *hugs*

  • I loved that I was actually sipping my morning coffee while reading this πŸ™‚

    I say you should go with the certification. If you don’t, you’ll always wish that you had. Now that you’re an international figure (!!!) and you’ve been impacting lives already, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take the step to be even more of an impact. I am often bogged down by the fear of failure or not being “good enough,” especially lately as I’m trying to dive head first into blogging “full time.” I often wonder if it won’t get me anywhere, and that’s disappointing.

    I’m curious about the PiYo. I’ve been wanting to try it. Does it depend a lot on support with your arms, like downward dog does?

    Reading is definitely on my list too. I have a weird combo of self help and wellness books mixed with fiction on my list. I’m sure I’ll add more. My goal is at least 25 books this year. I forget how much I love to read because often there’s just not enough time for it. Kudos for making the effort to make time.

    • You are so right about the certifications. I’ll never know if I just don’t do it. We’ve got this! πŸ™‚

      There is a LOT of down dog in PiYo, so my wrist do tend to get tired. So, if that’s something you’re wanting to avoid, then it isn’t for you.

      You’ll have to let me know what you’re reading! I love getting ideas! πŸ™‚

  • This post is so adorable. I haven’t chosen a “word” for this year, but I want this to be the year of the follow through. I’ve started many new ventures in the past that inevitably get dropped, but everything that is going on right now is stuff that I am really excited about and hopeful for. I am so loving seeing all of the amazing things that are going on with you lately! You. are. awesome.

    • Thank you, Julie! πŸ™‚

      I like your plan for the year! I’m good at starting things and never following through as well! I can’t wait to see what YOU accomplish!

  • Sterndli98

    I don’t have a word for this year.
    But I loved your segment on german tv and it was great done from them

    • Thank you! Like it said, I think it looks good. I just hope all they’re saying is good. Haha

      • Sterndli98

        Yes it is such a nice and good segment on you and your journey.

  • Erin Brown

    I would love to be in a book club, each month could have a theme for what genre of book we’d like to read. I also want to get my personal trainer certificate this year because if I’m going to be at the gym working out anyway, why not get paid helping inspire and change the lives of other people while I’m there!

  • theladyslounge

    Of course you should go for the certification! You’re living proof, how much more inspiration can anyone want?