5 Year Blogging Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday,Brooke_ Not On a

Yesterday marked 5 years since I claimed my little piece of the blogosphere.

My first entry:

Hi there!

So this is my first entry. Just testing this thing out on my blackberry. Hope it works!
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My how far I’ve come in the my blogging! Haha. Those first days (years) were all about random rambling, covering the Weight Watchers topic of the week, and complaining about my boobs shrinking. There’s still a lot of random rambling going on, but it usually has a bit of focus.

When I first decided to keep a weight loss blog, I never thought in a million years it would become what it has. I didn’t think that I would end up on the cover of a magazine (and soon to be in another), on TV, or meet Jillian Michaels.

Way more important than any that though, is the amount of people I have reached with it. That is the BIGGEST reward of it all. I have a way to reach out to people seeking advice, those who need an ear, or just a source for those who may be afraid to walk into their first Weight Watchers meeting.

None of that would have happened if I didn’t have this bit of space on the internet.

I want to thank you all for supporting me through the years. Thank you for leaving comments, retweeting, sharing on Facebook, or anyway else you have spread the word. Thank you to those who silently read as well. Which ever way you’ve shown your love these last 5 years, thank you. Without you guys I would just be talking to myself and well, that would be a bit weird. 😉

I think year 5 was one of the best thus far in Not On a Diet land, so year 6 can only be better, right?

I have quite a bit planned to bring to the table, so stay tuned to see where it all goes!

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  • danger_dog

    Happy blogaversary! I’ll never forget reading your blog for the first time when I had just started my own weight loss journey. Your story was (and continues to be) incredibly inspiring to me. You rock!

  • Happy Blogaversary! What an accomplishment!!!! 🙂

  • Happy Blog Birthday Brooke! Keep up the great work. XO

  • Happy Blogaversary! I really like your style of writhing