10 Things To Do In Your Swimsuit This Summer

Subtitle: for when you don’t live near the ocean or have a pool

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Figleaves.com. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. As always, opinions are my own. If you’d like to know more about my policies when doing these types of posts, check out my policies page!

You all know that I love me a cute bikini. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I received the following one from Figleaves a month ago, I was super stoked. It came right before a trip to Florida for a wedding. I had plans to spend some time on the beach wearing it or even the pool at the hotel, but those plans didn’t happen because it rained a majority of the time we were there. Boo.

Here in the grand ol’ Midwest, we aren’t blessed with nice beaches or the ocean. So, there won’t be any sandy fun for me unless we take a flight somewhere. My parents have a pool, but just moved and won’t be setting it up this year. Basically, I have nowhere to wear my bikini.

This is a tragedy. Look at this cute bikini!


Besides being cute, it is super comfortable! Over at Figleaves, they offer over 200+ designers in not only swimwear, but lingerie as well. They have sizes available for all body types with cup sizes from AA-GG. Now, we all know how hard it can be to find a swimsuit to fit properly! I ordered my top in my bra size and my bottom in the size recommended by their sizing chart and I will say it runs true to size!

Go check them out and order something for yourself to look good in this summer! Be sure to use the code LOVE2014 to get 10% off until June 15th! Hopefully you’ll have a beach or pool to rock your swimsuit at, but if you don’t, here are 10 things to do in your swimsuit this summer!

1) Post a picture of you in the suit on the internet and go viral all over the world!

2) Have a fun photo shoot in your driveway! (Mr. B is my photographer and isn’t for hire. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


3) Fill your bathtub up with water and lay in it!

4) Sit at your computer and look up pictures of the beach pretending you are there!


5) Sit on your porch drinking a pina colada in your suit

6) Do some outdoor grilling!


7) Do your housecleaning in it, that could make your significant other happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

8) Have a water balloon fight!

#latergram Our #sundayfunday ended with a water balloon fight. #funtimes

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9) Buy a sandbox and make your own beach! Plant a lawn chair and get some sun!

10) Workout in your swimsuit! I’m thinking yoga in my bikini will be happening!

10 Thing To Do In Your Swimsuit This Summer by Brooke: Not On a Diet #MC #Sponsored

Do you have the luxury of living near a beach? Or own a pool?
If not, what will you be doing in your swimsuit this Summer?

  • Karen

    Or … book a flight and head for the ocean (for us it’s a five hour drive)! That’s my most favorite of all. Of course, I’ll always go for the sitting on the porch drinking the pina colada! I just love your blog! Thank you!!!

  • Beautiful girl in a beautiful suit!

  • Twyla Beulyumpyump

    I’m sorry but your bikini doesn’t do you justice. I know you are proud of your accomplishments but really the top is too small. You can see the extra skin bulging over the top. My question to you is why can’t you wear a one piece bathing suit. It would really show off your lovely curves without all the extra skin. And no, I’m not trying to be cruel … just my opinion. As a person who is always working on losing weight, I think you have done an incredible job, I just don’t agree with you, that you look good in bikinis.

    • That’s fine you don’t agree with me. Again, I don’t wear it for you. I wear it for myself and if I feel good in it, that’s all that matters. There’s no rule in the world saying I can’t wear one.

      As for the skin hanging over the top, that’s loose skin. Getting a bigger size top doesn’t do anything for that.

      • Beth Ann Zumwalt

        Actually it might. Women in general don’t wear the correct cup or band size. http://www.epbot.com/2013/04/everything-you-never-knew-you-needed-to.html Re-measuring helped me with reducing the back flab, helped the “girls” sit fuller and better and I now own bras that fit instead of torture, I almost forget I am wearing one. Cute suit and the color is divine! People are funny, they need to fix their own comfort issue, not the person who makes them feel uncomfortable. [ haha…as I just said that a better fitting top might help. I still think you look cute in the suit ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

        • I’ve been measured and remeasured several times. A bigger band/cup doesn’t help with that part of my excess skin. Only thing that would is a wider band which I don’t like. Lol.

          And thank you! I love this bikini! So comfy!

    • *trix

      You’re not trying to be cruel and yet you had to create a fake account just to tell Brooke you don’t like how she looks? Wow.

      Anyway, Brooke, this suit is adorable! I also LOVE THE SHOES!

      • Twyla Beulyumpyump

        Fake account … NO! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was not trying to be cruel at all. If someone doesn’t want honest opinions, they shouldn’t have blogs. You, my dear should mind your own business.

      • Thanks, Tara! ๐Ÿ™‚ Shoes happened by total accident! I didn’t even noticed they matched until I went to do the pictures.

  • That is a super cute suit! I love that you can have the straps on or off and it looks like you could criss-coss them? Adorable!

  • Louise Demirbas

    I think you look amazing and you’re a super role model! I wish I had as much confidence as you. I lost 20 kilos 12 years ago and kept it off but I still don’t feel confident in a bikini. I really should get over it ๐Ÿ™ I totally admire you! Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€ x

  • if you only EVERY womanโ€ฆ.no, wait, every PERSONโ€ฆ.no matter what age, weight, height, shape, race, sexual preferenceโ€ฆ.had the confidence and the attitude that you have, the world would be a better place! Thank You!!

  • AneleatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    You make grillin’ look good, girl! Cute ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fernanda Melo

    You are great! You really inspire me… But do you think doing a surgery to get rid of the skin is possible? do you feel you need to do it? Im sure everyone would help you!!

  • Bella S

    You are amazing and look beautiful in your new bikini. Don’t let those that choose to criticize you or make fun of you ruin your day. You should flaunt what you have and be proud of it. Not everyone can lose weight, keep it off and be confident enough to wear a bikini.

  • Alex Ramos

    Hi! Just want to say your awesome and inspiring. I have lost over 170lbs myself without any surgery and I even dread wearing a one piece for the summer with all the excess skin I have. I also live in the Midwest:)

  • If everyone, male or female, any height, any weight, any shape, had your confidence and your attitude, the world would be a better place! Thank You!

  • Melissa (@TheDailyMel)

    Adorable suit!! You left off one the things I used to LOVE to do back in the day when I was young, cute, skinny, and wore bikinis — wash the car! Bikinis are great for getting a little sun while washing the car. Then again, most people don’t wash their cars by hand any more either. LOL

    • Debbie

      You left off one of my favs from my teen years. I wore my swimsuit to mow the lawn so I could get some sun. That made spending all that time mowing worthwhile.

    • Ain’t nobody got time for that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Erin Brown

    Luckily we live in Georgia so there are plenty of lakes around to get in the summer fun at. However I love Melissa’s idea of washing the car, Mr. B would certainly not object to that activity I’m sure! =D

    • Haha, we actually took his car to the car wash today. I should have suggested otherwise! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • LOOKING AH-mazing in that cute swimsuit – I love that it matches your sandals perfectly! I have always loved rocking a bikini (pre and post weight loss)! Love your ideas for how to rock a bikini when not around a pool/ocean/lake – doing yoga in a bikini sounds so liberating ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I actually got those sandals before I got the bikini and they just happened to match perfectly!

      And yes, yoga in a bikini sounds great! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I’ll have to do a post on that!

  • Sugar

    love the suit and the matching sandals ๐Ÿ™‚ You look wonderful ! Such an inspiration !

  • Yes, I will someday get surgery. It is very costly and has a long recovery time though. So, right now it is not something I’m looking to do. I would love to have children before that happened.

  • That’s totally Mr. B’s job! Plus our yard takes hardly anytime to mow. I wouldn’t be getting much sun. lol

  • Thank you, Alex! Well hopefully you’ll be rocking some of my suggestion in your one piece! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alex Ramos

      I just have to find one that accommodates my height. I’m 5’9 and most one pieces are too short for me:( I hate swim suit season! But thanks to you I feel more confident wearing shorts even though strangers keep staring at me I’m sure due to my jigging thigh skin. It’s gotten hot here in Chicago and I just want to be comfortable like everyone else!!

  • carla birnberg

    I. SHALL. DANCE!!!!

  • Carolyn Koslen

    I’m one of the lucky ones. I live on a little island called Key Biscayne. Here are some of my pics: http://www.twitter.com/keybiscayne

  • This just put an earworm of “Safety Dance” in my head for some reason. Lol

  • Jessica Hartman

    That suit is SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing those fun ideas – as a transplant from South Dakota and then Minneapolis to Atlanta (within striking distance to the beach at 5ish hour drive) I can totally relate. You forgot – TURN ON YOUR SPRINKLERS AND RUN THROUGH!

  • Taylor Bee

    I luuuuuuurve this bikini!! The color is so gorgeous and you look adorable in it!