Thinking Out Loud

Amanda over at Running with Spoons has a series that is all about thinking out loud on Thursdays. It’s just a way to get all those random thoughts that you have out in the world. I have a lot of those and decided to participate!


1) It’s May, but it sure doesn’t feel like in here in Illinois! It’s currently gloomy and 45 degrees outside. Where in the world is Spring? I want to be outside, walking and biking!

2) I’ll get over the weather issue soon though, since I’m heading to Florida tomorrow! Woot! Mr. B is part of his cousin’s wedding, so he is currently en route to attend the bachelor party. I head out tomorrow morning very early (why did I book a 6:00am flight?!) to join him! I know it’s rainy at the moment, but at least it’s 80 degrees there!

3) That amazing herb garden I planted the other week, now looks like this:

Evernote Camera Roll 20140501 110923

Apparently I don’t have a green thumb like I thought I did. Lol

4) My mom and I went to a card making class last week and it was so much fun! I love all things paper crafty! It was held in a lady’s craft shed with SO many stamps, papers, paint, and all sorts of crafty things. I asked if I could live there as it was kinda my version of heaven. When I left I had to stop myself from placing a huge order with Stampin’ Up. ;) She actually hold these classes every month and you get to make 4 cards for only $10! I will be attending again because there’s nothing quite like a homemade card to give someone!

Evernote Camera Roll 20140501 110927

5) I helped Mr. B bottle his IPA last night. Talk about a chore! For whatever reason we could not get the siphon to work, then after what felt like ages, it started working! Only a few more weeks until we can taste it! It is really cool watching the process of beer being made! I’m excited to see how it turned out. His first brew last fall was a pumpkin ale and was delicious!

Our laundry room doubles as a bottling station!

Our laundry room doubles as a bottling station!

6) I have been researching how to become a health/wellness coach lately. It is something I am really wanting to do and feel like I could help a lot of people if I offered those types of services. My chest just swells when I watch YouTube videos of what they do and it just feels right to me. I’m in the early stages of doing research, so any advice would be appreciated! I’m excited to see where this leads me!

7) I was looking at our expenses from the last month yesterday and discovered that we spent about $600 on eating out and going out for drinks last month. HOLY CRAP! Talk about a lot of money! It is so easy though to swipe that card and have no realization of the cost of it all. So, Mr. B and I have been talking about ways to fix our spending and cutting back on those expenses. This means less Starbucks trips for me! (Note to self: learn to make a macchiato at home!)

8) How cute is this puppy?

Evernote Camera Roll 20140501 110925

This is my sister’s corgi, Lily. I got to visit last week and she came up and cuddled with me in the morning. I wanted to take her home, but my sister knows where I live and would take her back. :(

9) Have you watched Girls on HBO yet? Mr. B and I just started it. Kinda obsessed with it! Hannah is so awkward and I love it. I’m also catching up on the last season of Parenthood. Finally the NBC app allows mirroring from the iPad to our AppleTV, which is AWESOME! We’re also watching our fair share of playoff hockey! Glad to see the Blackhawks made it to the second round! Also, just got a phone call from Mr. B who is going to get to watch a second round game up in Minnesota next week. I’m quite jealous, but apparently it’s for business. ;)

10) Goals are majorly needing to happen in my life! I’ve been messing around the last two months and need to buckle down on things! My weight is about 6 pounds above goal and I’m just not feeling or looking my best physically. I’m not beating myself up, but I know that to just feel better I need to do some work!


What are you thinking out loud lately?

  • tbright62

    Do you know Glenneth at She just became a certified personal trainer and might have some ideas for you as far as becoming a health/wellness coach.

  • Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I get ridiculously giddy any time I walk into a craft store. I suddenly want to become Martha Stewart and make ALL the things, before I realize that I never seem to be able to actually -start- on them. I used to be crafty as heck when I was younger, but that somehow managed to die off as I got older. Boo to that.

    And I’m actually just finishing up my health coaching certification with IIN. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

  • Tracy Carroll

    I decided to post one myself! I may make this a weekly thing now!

  • Heather Newton

    Love your goal of no daily weigh-in. I was obsessed about weighing myself every morning. I’ve weighed myself every morning for the past 15 years. After me weigh-in, I would judge my day on how much I weigh. If my weight was down it would be a good day. If I weigh more than the previous day, I was a horrible person, who is lazy and eats too much. It was insane. It was not helping me feel good. Last month I through away my scale’s battery. It feels so good! No more daily weigh-ins. I will no longer judge myself on how much I weigh.

  • BrandiMarie88

    Pssst… you’re welcome Macchiato >

    • Brooke: Not On A Diet

      Oh god, you’re my new BFF!

      • BrandiMarie88

        *fist pump*

  • Gwen Bucknell

    Read your story on Refinery 29. Wow! You are such an inspiration, and I applaud you for not wanting to hide your new body – you look fantastic!

    For your herbs – I found they need lots of water. Feeling like you’re practically drowning them. Try giving them lots of water and a decent amount of sun and they might perk right back up! Herbs make you think they are dying and with some sun and water they are back to life. Best of luck!

  • Vylotte

    Hi there! Your herbs definitely need more water. When they get limp like that, there is still time. That’s the sign to give them a drink, fast! I put mine in the sink every couple days and let the water drip into them while I’m off doing something else.

  • Nic

    I read an earlier post about you giving up insanity. Maybe if you remember some time, you could tell us why? :)

  • cacmom3

    You mentioned spending so much money eating out. Dave Ramsey’s budgeting steps will have you watching your spending with things like that. If one of your goals is really to cut down on spending, consider getting his books from the library and following his budgeting steps. It’s great!

  • Gayle Bennett

    I like your goals. I used weight watchers online to make my goal weight and maintaining it requires continued focus. I’m up eight pounds after a knee injury. Also NOT daily weighing myself. I can’t mak macciato’s (sp?) but can make a nice iced coffee using the cold brewed method. Homemade iced mocha about 4 pts. :0)

  • Brooke: Not On A Diet

    I have heard great things about Dave Ramsey! I should head to the library and see if they have it in! Thank you! :)

  • Annie Flynn

    You are absolutely gorgeous and I am so inspired to lose the weight I need to lose now! Thank you!