(DIY) Indoor Herb Garden

Here’s something you may or may not know about me, I LOVE DIY projects. I consider myself a pretty crafty person, with handmade cards being ‘my thing.’ Well, when I decided that I wanted to have herb plants in our kitchen I knew I’d have to do something cute with the pots. And I thought it would be fun to share with you guys to give you some inspiration to do your own! :)

DIY Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet


- Herb plants of your choice (I did chives, cilantro, parsley, & basil)
- Enough terra-cotta pots for your herbs
- 2 bottles of acrylic paint (one for the base color & one for writing)
- Paint sponges (for base color)
- Small paint brush (for writing)
- Herb names printed on a sheet of paper
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Soil for planting


DIY: Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Paint your pots! I did one coat of white just on the bottoms of the pots and left the rims unpainted. You of course can do them any way you want! Maybe you want stripes or two different colors, let you imagination run wild! ;)

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Now for the words on my pots, I opened a Word document, and typed out my herb names. I then found a font and size I liked, then printed it out (step 1). I cut the words out as close as I could (step 2). Lastly, I shaded the back of each word with a pencil to make transferring them to my pots easier (step 3).

You could also free hand your herb names, but I’m not handy with a paint brush, so I opted for this method!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

Next place the word you want on the pot and trace with a pencil. It’s important to press down firmly to get the word to transfer to the pot.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

After the words are on the pots, take your other paint color and small paint brush and trace the words with the paint. Then it is time to get to planting!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

After you plant your herbs, give them a good water, and bring them inside to have handy in the kitchen!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden- Brooke: Not On a Diet

I placed mine on our kitchen island which will make them within reach to add to a meal! Parsley has already been used on some roasted potatoes and I have plans for the cilantro soon! I love having these on hand to use instead of paying for them at the grocery store. The whole project cost me around $20, which was well worth the investment for the tastiness of fresh herbs!

Do you grow your own herbs?

What’s your favorite way to use fresh herbs?

  • AneleatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    Super cute! I’m SOOO ready for fresh herb season! I do a huge container garden on the patio with chives, rosemary, parsley, thyme, basil (in a separate container since it can take over just like mint) and then pick a few wild cards like lemongrass or whatever hits my fancy at the nursery.

  • http://www.tatlockstruth.blogspot.com/ Shannon Tatlock

    Cute idea! I may just have to try this one!

  • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

    Great idea!

    I loooooove using fresh herbs in scrambled eggs. Fresh dill, especially. Yummmmmmy!

  • Jackie Kahrs

    I need to try something like this. We have a rosemary bush in the front yard which I love but I need to add to that. Love fresh thyme on veggies like squash. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • lowfatpie

    super cute Brooke :) we just bought a little vertical herb garden for our balcony and put tons of stuff out there. We love fresh herbs!!

  • YairaCastro

    SUPER!! I was thinking about it last days.. when i saw it my ideas came out again hhahah!! I will do it…

  • Mary McNeil

    I love what you are saying about real bodies!!

  • http://brookenotonadiet.com/ Brooke: Not On A Diet

    I hope that your herb garden lasts longer than mine did! Haha.

    • YairaCastro

      hahahah!! Thanks, I havent started yet, but I will… :D I Woret you on a message, I wanna know more about how you change your life. Nice to meet you!!!!!!!