Skinny Snowman 2013!


Brooke: Not On a Diet's Skinny Snowman Challenge

It’s back, my Skinny Snowman Challenge! I asked if you guys were interested and you were overwhelmingly excited about it. So, I made some changes to make it easier on me and you for you guys to sign up and participate!

Rules are simple, you must sign up before 11PM CT December 1st using the sign up form. Each week you are responsible for sending in your weekly points via the form under the Skinny Snowman tab up top on Saturdays. And to win a fun prize, you must participate in all 5 weeks! Winner will be the one with the most points at the end of the challenge!

All rules can be found here:

The points charts are the same as last year, but there are a couple of weekly challenge changes, print off your charts and keep track each day of how you are doing!

You can find those charts here:

Want to know how you can earn those points? Well, it is pretty simple! You add more veggies, track what you eat, move more, talk about the positives in your life, and other things. Nothing too complicated to overwhelm you this holiday season since I know it’s already stressful enough! That’s why I do this challenge, to help you guys focus on staying healthy throughout this crazy season!

Here’s how you can earn those points weekly!

*Lose Weight or Maintain (15pts Weekly): Maybe you want to lose weight during the challenge or just maintain it. Both are great! We just want to avoid gains! Weigh in weekly, if you lose or maintain, you get the points!

*Veggie Serving Each Meal (5pts Each Meal): Vegetables are sometimes the most difficult thing to get in during the day. At least I know it is for me! So, I’m challenging you to try to get one serving in with each meal. If you can only get them in during lunch, no worries, you still get 5 points! Get one in for each meal, you get 15pts for that day!

*3 Fruit Servings (10pts Daily): Fruit is much easier to get in daily for me than veggies, but they are equally as important. Aim for 3 a day and earn 10pts!

*Log Food (10pts Daily): To me tracking your food intake is one of the MOST important things about losing weight. It’s good to keep track of what is going into your mouth! You can just write in down in a journal or use an app like My Fitness Pal. Each day you track, you earn 10pts.

*5 Positives About Your Day (5pts Daily): Sometimes we get so stuck on the negative about our day. Maybe we ate a donut for breakfast or had a fight with someone we love and we tend to let those things bring our whole day down. It’s good to focus on the positive and when I’m having a bad day I like to take a second and just name 5 positive things that happened. They can be as simple as you got a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop or maybe your significant other complimented you on something you wore. Whatever it is, write them down, tell them to someone, tweet them, etc and get 5pts.

*64oz Water (5pts Daily) OVER 64oz Water (10pts Daily): Water is essential to weight loss and being healthy and the daily recommended amount is 64oz. Do the minimum and earn 5pts. Exceed that amount and earn 10pts!

*Meatless Monday (10pts Monday Only): Every once in a while it is good to go meatless for a day and discover other sources of protein. I plan on posting a meatless recipe every Monday for you to try if you’d like. If you participate in going meatless on Monday, you earn 10pts. If you need ideas, I have a whole meatless category under my recipes!

*Participate In Mini Weekly Challenge (25pts Weekly): Each week there will be a mini challenge to complete. They are listed on the Points Charts. If you choose to participate, you earn 25pts for the week!

*Earn 5pts per 30 mins of Exercise (50pts MAX): Activity is of course important and always seems to be the first thing to go out the window when the holidays hit because we “don’t have time.” For every 30 mins of exercise you do throughout the week, you earn 5pts. The maximum points you can earn is 50. Now, don’t hurt yourself trying to get the total 50pts! Be sure to work at your own level and consult a doctor if you must.

The only thing required for signing up is your name and email address! If you have any forms of social media, feel free to add those on the form too! I’ll be sure to add them to a doc and share them with everyone who joins the Facebook group (link provided after you complete sign-up form, so pay attention!). It isn’t required to be a part of the group, but it is a great way to help support each other throughout the challenge! To be included in the FB group, you MUST sign up to be a part of the challenge!

What are you waiting for? I know you all want to avoid the holiday gain!

  • Mariam

    Sounds like fun, and exactly what I need to stay on track this month! I just signed up. A quick question though: when you say”meatless” Monday, is seafood allowed?

    • Brooke: Not On A Diet

      Glad to have you a part of the challenge! Meatless Monday means no meat whatsoever. So no seafood. :)

      • Mariam

        Cool, i think i can manage that once a week. Also, did you set up the Facebook group yet? I didn’t see anything in my email about it.

        • Brooke: Not On A Diet

          Click the Skinny Snowman tab at the top of my blog and the link to the group is on that page

  • Melissa Gravely LeRay

    Hi! I’ve signed up to start, but my week starts on Mondays – how can I make this work? Thanks!

    • Brooke: Not On A Diet

      Well the challenge week starts on a Sunday. I’m not sure what you mean by having it work for you. I guess do what works best and just make sure you turn your points in by Saturday.

  • JenJoyK

    Thanks so much for this challenge — I had a great start yesterday! I even recruited my mom and sister to take the Skinny Snowman Challenge!