Ripped in 30 (round 2!)

About a year ago I tackled Ripped in 30 and had some pretty great results. Well, I’ve decided to tackle it again to see what results I get this time. I’m at least hoping to build some muscle and reduce my body fat percentage.

Like all of the other workout DVD challenges I’ve done, I’ll be posting my before pictures and my measurements. I won’t be reviewing the DVD weekly this time around though because I already did that in my first go through of Ripped in 30. You can go back to those posts to see what I thought about each week.

Ripped in 30 Before Pictures

Ripped in 30 Before Measurements

The plan for the month is to do Ripped in 30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Wednesdays will be a rest day with either yoga or a walk. Sundays will be a yoga day. I will also be doing bike rides throughout the month to reach my goal of biking 100 miles in the month of September.

On Monday, my mom, sister, brother’s girlfriend, and I all got together and wrote out plans for activity on a calendar for this month. We are all trying to improve in that area, so working out a plan was great. We’re also sending each other accountability pictures throughout the month and when we hit our goals, we’re going to spend a girl’s day together and get facials!


It is great having a group work towards a goal together! I’m excited to see how we all smash our goals!

Completing Ripped in 30 and biking 100 miles isn’t my only goal this month. In fact I have a few others and I posted them up on Instagram last night. And Kristine from KDLB had a great tip of making it my lock screen on my phone! So, I did just that and am reminded of my goals often! Here’s what else I’m working on this month….


I’m excited to see what Ripped in 30 brings along with how I rock all my other goals!

What are you working on this month?

Do you have a supportive family that you can set fitness or health goals with?

  • Jillian is going to kick my ass this month too! BUDDIES!

  • Kristine Beeson

    you are gonna be all beautiful and strong with more muscles, cant wait to see how your after story turns out! I love that you have people in your life to do this with, what a fun girls time… and thanks for the shout out, glad the idea of the lock screen helped, it’s fun how the community works like that – your idea of a goal “poster” was just so smart, I was excited to think of what mine would look like, and that I’d want to see it as a regular reminder. (hoping to get a post up this afternoon with my pic!)

    • Thank you so much! You’re so kind.

      And I love the lock screen! It’s a constant reminder what I’m working towards! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Becca

    You are so tiny!! Just wanted to say thank you for being my inspiration of late to start tracking my points on Points Plus again. It worked so well in keeping the weight off for over a year, and then I gained this magical 6 lbs…I KNOW from drinking too much summer beer ๐Ÿ™‚ In any case…I am back on tracking now, and I had forgotten how much I actually love tracking. xoxo Best of luck!

  • Glad to help you get back on track! That summer beer will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful! Then when the summer beer is gone, all the delicious pumpkin beer shows up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best of luck to you too!

  • dietingtobeaskinnybitch

    I love that you all wrote down a plan. It makes a huge difference when my bestie and I hold each other accountable. Great goals for the month!

    • Thanks! Having a plan in place always helps! And having the accountability is great and really helps me stay on track! ๐Ÿ™‚