Ripped In 30 Results!

Thanks for checking out my Ripped in 30 results! Be sure to also check out my 30 Day Shred results and Turbo Fire results! Have a fitness DVD you would like me to give a try? Then shoot me a message via my contact tab!

Here they are, the results you have all been waiting for since I started my Ripped in 30 Challenge a month ago. People love seeing results, my 30 Day Shred results post is still one of my most popular. I don’t blame them, I’m a sucker for the same thing!

So without further ado, here’s before and after!



My beginning measurements:

Weight: 181.0lbs
Hips: 42.5″
L. Thigh: 22.5″
Waist: 33.5″
L. Calf: 16″
Bust: 38.5″
L. Arm: 13.5″


Weight: 177.4lbs
Hips: 42″
L. Thigh: 20.5″
Waist: 32″
Calf: 16″
Bust: 37″ (I had to go bra shopping for a smaller size…AGAIN. Ugh)
L. Arm: 13.5″

Total Pounds Lost: 3.6lbs
Total Inches Lost: 7.5 inches (includes both arms and legs)

I’m rather happy with the results I had! Sure it isn’t super noticeable in pictures, but I can feel it. My pants are more loose, even though I just got them. My girls shrunk another cup size, my biceps are great, and I’m starting to form muscles in my back.

It’s amazing to see the changes in my body. Hard to believe I never knew what muscles were or what my hip bones felt like. Love this journey and all it has done for me!

What results are you seeing lately that are non-weight related?


  • I learned from going to a Bare Essentials profressional bra fitting store that the smaller your bust line gets, the larger the cup size. I went from a 42 DDD, to a 38 F! And it’s the best fitting bra I’ve ever had!

    Good job on finishing the 30 days! You look fantastic. You can def tell from the side and back views! Job well done!

  • Abigail

    Wow! 2 inches off your thigh? Sign me up please!! My thighs have always been the last place I lose anything. I might have to go get Ripped in 30 for myself!

  • Patty

    You can totally see a different in the pictures! Congratulations! 🙂

  • Look at you foxy lady! Bravo on all your hard work 🙂

  • GREAT job, girl! You’re rocking it 😀

  • You look GREAT!! I can TOTALLY see the differences in the picture!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Ellen

    You look AMAZING!!! It’s easy to see the difference between your ‘before’ and ‘after’. You are my inspiration!! When you become a Weight Watcher leader, please let me know so I can come back to the meetings. I’d drive the 90 miles round trip if you were the leader!

  • You don’t think you can see a difference in pics? Please girl, I can see a BIG difference. You look leaner and more toned through the middle! Way to go. 🙂

  • Your butt cheeks look perkier!! ha. Seriously, you CAN see the difference; and the drop in your waist measurement is awesome- congrats!

  • You totally motivated me to do this!! I’m ordering on ebay right now and will start Nov 2! muah!

  • I agree with everyone else, you CAN see a difference! You look amazing. Seriously, you just talked me into going and buying this, eBay, here I come!

  • Denise Renee

    I am finally going to go out and buy this! Thank you so much for always being an inspiration and motivating me along with everyone else that follows you!

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  • anai

    Did you do only the exercise of the DVD? or did you also do another kind of exercise?

  • Yes, the only exercise I did was the Ripped in 30 DVD.