Workout Wednesday: Ripped In 30 Week 4 Review

The final week has been completed along with my challenge! I plan on posting my results tomorrow for you guys to see. So, be sure to stop by for that!

Week 4 actually may have been my favorite week out of them all. I don’t think the moves were any easier than the previous weeks, I just think my body was that much more strong and able to do the moves. Which is totally awesome! 🙂

The first move in circuit one was one of my favorites, it was a swan dive into a plank then into alternating crescent lunges. I think I enjoyed them so much because crescent pose is one of my favorite yoga poses. I discovered that I can get much deeper into it than I thought too. That move was followed by staying in a deep squat pose with shoulder presses and dumbbell rows. My legs were definitely cooking after the strength moves in circuit one!

Circuit three strength was a little tough on the arms. There were chaturanga push ups followed by forearm push ups, then straight into plank moguls. Arms were jello after all that!

All the cardio was pretty good, except the scissor kicks! Those were super tough at first, but they did get more easy by day 5. There were burpees this time around too, I’ve never been a fan of those. But I don’t know too many people who are. 😉

Ab moves were all pretty basic and fairly easy. I still don’t have that great of core strength, but is has improved immensely since starting this journey. At 327lbs I was lucky to do a half crunch and now I can do a proper sit-up! Woot!!

Like I said before, I really enjoyed week 4. I could see myself pulling it out for a workout during the week in the future.

I didn’t join this round of Best Body Bootcamp, so I’m looking for new recommendations for workouts. Have any? I did pick Jillian’s Shed and Shred and have done it a couple of times this week. I’m liking it so far. But maybe I’m just biased to Jillian’s stuff! Lol.

  • I also am biased toward Jillian. I thought Shed and Shred was pretty tough, but that may have just been because it’s longer. 🙂 Have you tried any of Bob’s DVDs?

  • Denise Renee

    Brooke, I think you might like the Tae-Bo DVD’s. I know I have some that are Bootcamp version. Just a suggestion 🙂