Workout Wednesday: Ripped in 30 Week 3 Review

Can you believe that I’m actually almost done with my Ripped in 30 challenge? It seems like I was just finishing up the 30 Day Shred! I’m almost all done though! Only 3 days left of Week 4!

Let’s talk about week 3 first though….

Um, can we just say absolutely KILLER!?!

I wanted to quit on day 2 of week 3. I actually started to tear up because it was sucking so bad. I hated it. But I finished and tweeted this:

I was SUPER thankful for Wednesday to come so I could rest. I was needing it badly mentally and physically. I’m proud to say that I finished the week strong and didn’t give up!

Week 3 Finished!

Week 3 was  really tough! The strength moves where difficult and challenging, but super effective! Honestly I don’t think there was a strength move I loved. There were duck walks and bear crawls in the first circuit, which killed my quads! The stork stance with reverse fly was a pain in circuit two. But there was NOTHING worse than the strength moves in circuit three! They were all arm related using body weight. Downward dog pushups (which I did sort of enjoy), some move where you laid on your side and pushed yourself up with you arm (technical, I know. lol), and then table top tricep dips.

The circuit three strength is where I wanted to quit on day 2. By the time the tricep dips came around my arms were on FIRE and I’m pretty sure I saw smoke. It was definitely challenging and I never did make it through all the dips without a mini break. This really shows that they are a part of my body I could work on more!

Cardio was all pretty good. I did hate lunge hops in circuit 3, but I will say I can do them MUCH better than the first time I ever tried them in another workout. At least there wasn’t 2 minutes of cardio while in plank position! I still have nightmares about that!

Ab work was all good too. I still hate squat thrusts though. I don’t know if they will ever be something I love!

All in all week 3 was great and super challenging. I could definitely see me pulling it out in the future to get a great burn! I’m in my final week this week, so I’ll be checking in with my results next Wednesday! I cannot wait to compare my before and after pictures! I can really tell that parts of me are taking shape!

Then it will be time for a new challenge! Any suggestions?

I’ve thought about putting together my own “Countdown to Christmas” challenge. Would you guys be interested in such a thing? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

  • I think countdown to Christmas is a great idea! Not only does it coincide with the thanksgiving challenge that weight watchers is putting on, it will keep you motivated through to Christmas. Perfect!

  • Melissa

    Oooh, that sounds interesting! Let me know if you decide to do it and I might be interested in joining you. 🙂

  • Ellen

    Your workouts sound INTENSE. Don’t think I could do some of the lunges, etc with my bad right knee without suffering and then requiring a cortisone injection! Was there any modifications you could to if you have bad knees? Some of those programs are for you ‘youngsters’ not for older women with osteoarthritis in their knees!

  • I’d <3 a countdown to Christmas challenge! It'd be great motivation to get me through the holidays without undoing all the hard work I've done.

  • Jess from Cox’s Corner

    I’m in!

  • Elise

    Did you notice how Jillian skipped the last exercise all together in the first strength circuit? The staggered row with a squat I think it is.

    • Yes I did! How did they miss that?! Sorta frustrating because I enjoyed that move.

  • I did a holiday challenge last year that ran from Halloween to New Years – I’d love to follow yours though! 😀

  • Hi Brooke. Just found you via Biz’s link. Big congratulations on ALL of your success. You are an inspiration!!!!

  • Congrats on your weight loss, my twin sister Biz sent me over here to give you a high 5 for your accomplishments – great job! I’ve interviewed 18 people on my blog who have lost weight, I’d love for you to be a success story on there! Just e-mail me at and I’ll give you the details

  • April

    Poppin’ over from a link on Biz’s site~ Congratulations! What an inspiration! I would be interested in your “countdown to Christmas challenge” it’s a great idea!!