Workout Wednesday: Ripped In 30 Week 2 Review

Week 2 of my Ripped In 30 Challenge is in the books!


Week 2 was an evil, evil thing. By Day 2 I wanted to quit and after my workout posted this picture on Instagram….

This girl hates week 2 of Ripped in 30!

Ya, I hated it a lot. My body did moves that were super challenging and sometimes made me want to throw a dumbbell at the TV.

Best moves were all those involved in the cool down. Lol. Nah, it wasn’t all bad, there were actually quite a few moves I did enjoy. Like the fun jump rope kick thing that made me feel like a little kid or the one-legged rows. I can feel myself getting stronger which is pretty stinking awesome!

There were quite a few moves that I hated with deep passion found rather challenging though. The most difficult was the 2 minutes of cardio done in the plank position. OH MY GOD! It was awful!!! It was 30 seconds of plank jacks then mountain climbers for 30 seconds, and repeated again. Every part of my body burned and to be quite honest, I never made it through the full two minutes the whole week. I tried, but just couldn’t. Jillian really favored the plank position during week 2. There were also squat thrusts and dumbbell rows done in that position. I really don’t know how my arms are still functioning!

The other awful move was the half crow push-up. It’s like a regular push up, but you bend your knee up to your elbow as you push down. Again, I do not know how the heck my arms are useful.

Like I said before week 2 was utterly challenging and there were times I wanted to give up. But there were also times I laughed, like when Jillian talks about wanting to be able to bounce a quarter off your butt. The thing is that I DIDN’T give up! I finished all 5 days and this face was way better than the one earlier!

Week 2 Done!

I’m halfway through my challenge  and I’m already noticing awesome changes in my body. It’s amazing what can happen when you challenge yourself!

What’s one thing you’re wanting to accomplish in the exercise department?

  • Hey Brooke, it’s Tara (Emily’s friend from the conference!). I don’t know if you weigh yourself daily or not, but I’m curious if you find that you gain during times of strenuous workout. I’m doing Jillian’s Week 1 of this series right now and the scale jumped way up this morning… I’m thinking it has to be the tough workout that’s making my muscles swell. I know weight fluctuates, but who doesn’t want to see the scale going in the opposite direction. 🙂 Awesome job on your workouts!

  • You are a fitness bad ass! Keep sticking with your 30 days. I can’t wait to see what you say about it all when you’ve conquered it!

  • J.D.

    Wow! your kickin butt, thats awesome!