I’m Gonna Get Ripped!

As this becomes public, my new 30 day challenge will be underway! Last week I mentioned that I was going to do Jillian’s Ripped in 30. Well this challenge begins today and will continue on for the next month!

I’m pretty excited to do this challenge, I absolutely loved the results that I got from her 30 Day Shred. And this I’m sure will bring amazing results as well.

Now it true Brooke: Not On A Diet tradition I’ll posting before pictures and stats!


Weight: 181 lbs
Left Arm: 13.5″
Bust: 38.5″
Waist: 33.5″
Hips: 42.5″
Left Thigh: 22.5″
Left Calf: 16″

The plan is to do this workout 5 days a week, taking Wednesdays and Sundays off. There are 4 different workouts, so I will be doing one workout for a full week before moving on to the next. So I guess technically I’m getting ripped in 20 days since that’s the actual amount of workout days. Either way, I’m gonna rock it out!

I may be regretting this challenge after the first workout. Haha. But now it’s all laid out on the internet, so I have to complete it! 😉 My plan is to post reviews of each level after the week I finish it, so be sure to stay tuned to see how it all goes!

And of course, you’re still more than welcome to join me during the challenge!


  • Good luck!!!!!

  • Kim

    You look amazing! You should be so proud of all you have done! Thanks for being an inspiration to others.

  • You really truly look so fantastic already! I agree with Kim – you’re an inspiration!
    I can’t wait to see your results! Keep us posted on how the workout is!

  • WOO! Rip it good!