April Challenge: Day 8 (Convos Lead to Yoga)

Happy Easter everyone! The bunny skipped our house, guess he thought we really didn’t need any chocolate bunnies or Peeps.

Anyways…it’s day 8 of the WEGO Health 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Today’s prompt:

Best conversation I had this week. Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

I have many conversations everyday, with B-Fry, my individuals, doctor offices, family members, and co-workers. Some important, some not so much. Out of all the conversations I had this past week, a lot of them were great, I love talking with B-Fry about everything. And my mom and I discussed a lot of wedding related things, which is always great (unless she’s hounding me to get something done. Lol) But out of all the conversations I had, the best one happened last night.

B-Fry and I were home last night watching TV. I made the comment that I needed to workout in the morning. He asked what I was going to do and I said yoga, wanna do it with me? Well to my surprise he said yes. I of course didn’t believe him and figured I would be doing it alone the next morning.

We went to sleep and were both awake at 8:30 this morning. After some stalling B-Fry was in his workout gear and ready to go. I popped in my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga(one of my faves!) dvd, and laid out my yoga mat. B-Fry was right beside me ready to go.

Oh boy, talk about a sight! B-Fry has no flexibility at all! But after a few complaints of his shoulders burning and a couple of “are we done yet?”s, he did it! :) B-Fry made his way through his first yoga dvd!

We did it! :)

This was the first workout besides bike riding or running that B-Fry and I have done together. I must say, I rather enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s because we were sweating together, or the fact that he was rather silly looking trying to so some of the poses. :) He did tell me that his favorite pose was the corpse pose and that he would never do yoga again. Lol. I suppose at least he gave it a try. :) And who knows, maybe I can talk him into doing my Best Body Bootcamp workouts this week….maybe….

Do you workout with your significant other? If so, what do you guys enjoy doing?

  • http://www.lowfatpie.com/blog Renée @pinkypie

    Haha! How cool! What a great sport he is! Hubs also surprisingly said he would try bikram yoga with me, that has potential to be a memorable workout :-)