30 Day Shred Level 2 Update

Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

I’m still going strong on my 30 Day Shred Challenge! I haven’t skipped at workout at all! In fact, I finished Level 2 this morning!!

Can I just say that I haven’t been this excited to be done with something in quite a while! Level 2 was a bitch!! It was filled with several plank exercises and much more tough moves than Level 1! Honestly, my favorite part of the level was when it was over. Lol.

The strength exercises in this level were a lot more intense, which I expected. I did plank pushups this time, which started off with me standing, then moving down to a plank position, doing a pushup, and standing back up. The first few times I did the video, I couldn’t do the pushup part, but towards the end I could do it every time! The hardest strength move was the last one, which was chair squats with a v-raise. Oh baby did those burn! Especially since the strength move before was a military press with a leg lift. My shoulders were definitely burning!

Cardio was also tougher this time around. There were squat thrusts and plank jacks, which were both done in the plank position. They both sucked, but I’m proud to say after the first day I never used the modified version! (The only reason I did on the first day was because I didn’t wear shoes and my feet kept slipping.) My favorite cardio move was when I did skaters. It’s always been one of my faves and this time was no different.

Ab work was basic and not too tough except the last move. I do find it much easier to do crunches now, so that’s pretty awesome. The last move was a killer for sure. I can’t remember exactly what they were called, but you’re in plank position (seeing a pattern here?) and you pull one knee in and twist to the side. You wouldn’t think a simple move would be so hard, but man my arms hurt from being in plank and my abs really felt the move.

All in all Level 2 was much more difficult than Level 1, which I of course expected. I absolutely hated it, there were days that I didn’t want to get out of bed to do it. But I did and I’m super proud of myself for completing Level 2! I’m also beginning to notice more changes in my body, which is awesome. My calf and thigh muscles are getting firmer and looking great. Oh and I’m totally starting to get a booty! Which is pretty awesome considering I do suffer from nonbootyitis!

Monday starts Level 3 and the final level of the 30 Day Shred! I’m pretty excited to see with challenges and changes Level 3 will bring. I’m also pretty pumped to complete this challenge and say “I Did It!” 🙂

Oh side note: I weighed in at 195.6lbs at my meeting on Thursday, which means I am NO LONGER OBESE!! My BMI is now 29.7, which is in the overweight category! Not going this lie, this is a bit bigger to me than hitting 130 lost. 🙂

What non scale victory have you had lately?

  • I did the shred for about 5 days on level one before throwing in the towel – I’m just not good with at home workouts…and it was really hard haha. CONGRATS on the BMI….I have about 8 pounds to go before I fall under 30….can’t wait. I hope you’re out celebrating!

  • Miz

    love this as it is ALWAYS change it up for me.
    That rarely means more (exercise) or less (food) JUST DIFFERENT!